Jan 4, 2022
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How to start your day right: ideas and recommendations

How to start your day right: ideas and recommendations

A few simple morning habits can help set the tone for a productive and enjoyable day.

Few of us love the morning, believing that it cannot be kind. It is possible that those who do not know how to properly start their day think so.

Time is a scarce and irreplaceable resource. Learn to use it wisely.

Small rituals to make your day as productive as possible.

Of course, you don’t have to do them all at once. Try to figure out which advice will work best for you.

Get up early

  • As you read about the morning rituals of any famous and successful person, you will surely stumble upon a mention of getting up early.
  • Many executives wake up earlier than 6 a.m. on weekdays.
  • By getting up early, you can positively impact your career, even if you’re not in high office.
  • When you learned to get up early in the morning, you probably noticed that there is more free time.
  • The first hour of the day is the golden hour. Robin Sharma argues that the first hour of the day is the most important time.

It is better to devote the first hour to self-development and work on yourself. Do not turn on any computers or TVs.

So that nothing clogs your brain with unnecessary information. Engage in self-development: writing personal notes, meditation and reflection, reading inspiring books.

Remember how effectively your first hour after waking up will be throughout the day.

  • Affirmations. Saying positive affirmations in the morning can also help set you in a good mood for the day.
  • The best time to do sports is in the morning. In the morning it is much easier to force yourself to exercise.
  • Stretch while lying in bed. If you curl up and hide under the covers when the alarm rings, you should change your habits.

The first thing to do after waking up is to stretch well.

The body and brain are interconnected, so simple stretching in bed will give you strength and vitality.

Have breakfast

The first meal kicks off your metabolism and raises your blood sugar levels, which helps you work all day.

If you skip breakfast, you may experience bouts of irritability and difficulty concentrating.

Omelet is perhaps the most traditional breakfast. Eggs provide the body with vitamin E and protein. You can add a wide variety of ingredients to the omelet, and if you put cheese slices in the mixture, they will melt inside the omelet and give you an incredible taste.

For a light breakfast, go for a fiber-rich oatmeal or protein shake.

Curd zpekanka is a fairly hearty and high-calorie breakfast that will provide you with energy until lunchtime.

Flaxseed oil, a spoonful of honey or water with lemon on an empty stomach, which is better?

When we sleep, the body is actively losing fluid, so it is very good to start your day with a glass of water. With such a simple action, you start cleansing and metabolic processes.

However, the greatest effect can be obtained by adding lemon to the water.

This combination increases the metabolic rate. But you do not need lemon juice, but its bitterness: throw a slice into the water overnight and let it brew well so that all the essential oils from the peel come out.

The water does not have to be warm, the main thing is that it is slightly bitter.

Be wary of the recommendation to start your morning with honey, since we immediately affect the blood sugar level and in this way can radically raise it above the norm.

If you want to lose weight, this method is clearly not for you, since you simply will not lose weight.

This method works well for hypotension, as well as if a person is recovering from an illness and needs doping. But it is not worth taking honey regularly in the morning, since we put a powerful load on the pancreas.

Starting in the morning with a spoonful of linseed oil, we get a choleretic effect: we stimulate the release of bile from the gallbladder. In principle, this remedy can be recommended for people who have a tendency to constipation.

But it is better to wash it down with water or drink it shortly after drinking. The daily use of speech should definitely not go.

The most difficult tasks in the morning

We accustom ourselves to perform the most difficult tasks in the morning, because during these hours our efficiency is higher than in the afternoon.

It is better to leave simpler and easier tasks for the afternoon.

Morning determines the day in many ways. This is its beginning, start. Even if it is difficult for you to get out of bed and the morning is the most difficult time, try to start it right.

Over time, you will notice positive changes. The main thing is the right attitude.

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