May 17, 2021
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How to Slow Down and Ground: Special Practices and Exercises

How to Slow Down and Ground: Special Practices and Exercises

Stress or anxiety negatively affects both mood and well-being. Proven techniques will help you free yourself from panic attacks, calm down and tune in to the positive.

Negative emotions prevent you from focusing on work, lead to family discord, and provoke bad luck. Experts recommend getting acquainted with effective practices and exercises that can help calm the nervous system, slow down and ground to say goodbye to anxiety.

Relaxing warm baths with aromatic oils will help relieve stress and feel more important. Immersed in water at a comfortable temperature, it is majestic to focus on your feelings: find a comfortable position, allow yourself to relax and let go of disturbing thoughts, enjoy solitude and comfort.

The moment when emotions overwhelm, it is majestic to find for yourself an object that can calm you. It can be a licked stone brought from the sea, a ball of thread that you can rewind, or another thing that you can hold in your hands and calm down. A subject like this can help you slow down and ground yourself – becoming more serene and critical without letting panic take over. The tactile sensations will relax and act like an anti-stress.

In periods when it is necessary to plunge emotions into order, it is majestic to find times in order to sit in silence with a cup of the worshiped drink. This can be an infusion of soothing herbs, a cup of hot chocolate, or warm milk with honey. Bioenergy experts recommend taking a calm posture and enjoying a drink, feeling that fear is leaving and a stage of harmony with oneself begins.

Everyone loves something unusual: some people like the aroma of fresh baked goods, others feel a surge of vitality when they hear the smell of freshly ground coffee, and still others buy the soap they have found with their favorite aroma. Experts recommend finding your own scent so that during times of stress you can feel it and relax internally. Absolute measured breathing and pleasant aroma will be a kind of breathing exercises, bringing not only relaxation, but also pleasure.

At the moment of a stressful situation, you can lie on the floor, spread your hands and feel a firm support under your whole body. At this moment, it is dignified to focus on the thought of safety, to even out breathing, inhaling through the nose and exhaling through the mouth. Such a technique will help to briskly plunge the sensations in order and stop the tantrum.

Practicing meditation will help you to check the stressful situation. They are carried out regularly, teaching the body to correctly respond to stress, not pay attention to annoying little things and live cloudlessly, knowing that emotions will not be able to take control of the mind in a critical situation.

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