Feb 23, 2021
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How to sew a roomy and practical canvas bag

How to sew a roomy and practical canvas bag

The issue of environmental pollution has worried me since childhood, I even dreamed of working as an ecologist. It’s no secret that the planet is drowning in tons of garbage, and it’s not enough just to understand, you need to take some steps yourself, even the most insignificant ones.

On July 3, the international day of no plastic bags, I dust off an old sewing machine and sewed a bag in one evening. Now I go shopping only with her! The material was the husband’s old plaid shirt, but everything about everything took no more than 2 hours.

Today we will tell you, dear reader, how you can sew a roomy and practical fabric bag. With such a thing, disposable bags are no longer needed, and its pens will definitely not break from heavy load!

You will need:

  • a piece of fabric (best thick)
  • tape measure
  • scissors
  • soap or chalk for marking
  • rubber bands
  • threads
  • sewing machine

The consumption of fabric should correspond in length to twice the height of the future bag, and exceed the width of the finished product by 30 centimeters in width. This is necessary for the bag to be bulky and more capacious. In fact, this is a rectangle, which, if desired, can even be made combined.


Fold the fabric in four, and then mark the inside (about 13-14 centimeters high and 10-11 centimeters wide). From the intersection of the lines, measure 0.7-1 centimeter towards the center, make a rounding.

Cut out the middle without unrolling the fabric, then move on to the side markings. Set aside about 18.5-19 centimeters from the top. From this point, lay up 10-11 centimeters. Conditionally dividing the resulting segment in half, make a mark by dropping 2–2.5 centimeters.

Make the third mark near the top point of the segment, but the descent downward will be less – 1.5–2 centimeters. The next point coincides with the top corner of the canvas. Having connected all the points together, cut off the edges.

Unfold the canvas. Sew the bag on the sides without touching the handles.

Now let’s move on to working on the handles of the bag. Make a bend in the area of ​​the handles by folding each one in half, and then sew the bottom. Thanks to this action, the future bag will be roomy!

Turn the bag over to the front, fold it like a T-shirt bag, and then move on to processing the handles. To do this, they need to be turned out again and stitched.
Next, work the inside edge of the bag and mark the place for the elastic. The elastic should be sewn on. If desired, this bag can be easily supplemented with an internal Velcro fastener.

That’s it, a practical cloth bag is ready. It remains only to fold correctly and secure with an elastic band.

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