May 11, 2022
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How to send a guy off

How to send a guy off

The best way to spend time pleasantly and usefully is a date. Of course, if we are talking about the date to which the man of your dreams invited you. While you are meeting your ideal boyfriend, other girls will shed tears at this time. Naturally, for the sake of meeting such a man, every girl is ready to run away from work ahead of time.

Imagine how you come to a date all dressed up and beautiful, and the man who invited you to a meeting is looking forward to you with a bouquet of flowers in his hands. Yes, it is not harmful to dream, but it is worth returning to earth from heaven.

Imagine this situation, you met through a dating site with a guy who invited you on a date. You agreed and now you are sitting with him in a cafe, and he talks endlessly, and you longingly think that it would be better if you watched a melodrama on TV, get angry at yourself for wasted time and smile stiffly at your interlocutor. That’s it, your evening is completely ruined, and the head starts to ache from the young man’s chatter. If you don’t like the guy and would like to end the meeting, the following tips will help you with this. In addition, you can be sure that he will no longer invite you to a meeting at all.

Council the first.

Pretend to be an annoying know-it-all, sort of an excellent student. Show your interlocutor an excessive craving for knowledge. If you are unsure of the interlocutor, put a textbook on quantum physics in your purse and read it with enthusiasm all evening. Guys don’t like overly smart girls, and they diligently avoid them. If a young man tries to distract you from reading, tell him angrily that you are more interested in knowledge than idle chatter. You can be sure that as soon as you raise your head once again from reading, you will no longer see a young man next to you.

Tip two.

If you didn’t grab a quantum physics textbook, and the evening promises to be “interesting” – it doesn’t matter, pretend that you are interested in all the problems in the world – famine in Africa, an earthquake in Japan, and the problems of the disappearance of rare animals and birds.

While the young man is trying to talk about himself and learn a little about you, interrupt him unceremoniously and ask how he feels about the extermination of animals for fur. If the guy, nevertheless, tries to invite you on a second date, be sure to come, but in combat readiness. Wear loose, bright clothes, part your hair in the middle, put on glasses with yellow lenses. As soon as the guy sees that he is dealing with a hippie girl, he will run away from you so quickly that you will not have time to tell him how concerned about world problems.

Tip three.

This method will work with selfish guys. Listen with admiration to the young man, and then let him know that he deserves the best girl. Tell us in detail about your bad character, as well as how much you love money, how often you lie and love squabbles and gossip.
Sincerely tell him that you do not want to cause him trouble and poison his life. This is bought, basically, by a vain and very self-confident young man, but a smart guy, of course, will think about why you would suddenly take care of his well-being. There may be another situation, you can, on the contrary, attract his attention with your “sincerity” and he decides to continue the relationship with you.

There are also other cases when you need to send a guy off. If you just came to relax with your girlfriends in a nightclub or coffee shop, and a guy comes up to you with the goal of getting to know you, then below are the answers to his stupid questions that will help you quickly get rid of the annoying guy.

Usually male representatives are banal in their ways of dating and ask standard questions.
Guy: Your face is very familiar, maybe we met somewhere?
You: Probably, because I work as a nurse in a venereal dispensary.

Guy: Is the seat free?
You: This place? Free. And mine, too, will be released immediately if you sit down.

Boy: Where do you want us to go? To me or to you?
You: Yes, we will go at the same time, I – to myself, and you – to yourself.

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