Apr 24, 2022
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How to seduce your boss

How to seduce your boss

Seducing your boss is a pretty dangerous business. Quite a few cases are known when office romances end with dismissal, but it also happens that a romance ends with a wedding. Of course, if you seduce the mind. Therefore, it is up to you to take risks or not.

Many women, and men, also make a career through bed. Then the boss or the boss was transferred, and the favorites and favorites were poured from work like cones from a Christmas tree. But those who want to combine business with pleasure have not decreased.

In any case, this is a rather risky intrigue. You should also be aware that a mistress is evidence of the weakness of the boss and one of the first sources of danger, so they try to get rid of mistresses in the first place.

If your boss is a serious person, it will be very difficult for you to seduce him, but the results will be very good.

Where to start? If you want to seduce a serious workaholic boss, then in order to get his attention you need to work. Do not laugh, if work is important for the boss, you should immediately tune in to his wave. Even if the subordinate is as beautiful as a Hollywood movie star, but lazy, the boss will hardly be interested in her.

The scheme “sex today – career tomorrow” is quite primitive, and this scheme has not been working for a long time. Sex, as you know, is a simple matter. It is very important in the first twenty years, but when a person is already under forty, his youthful cynicism disappears and he really wants a longer relationship. You will be surprised, but even the boss wants a quiet family life and love, and if you provide all this to your boss, you will find in him your best friend and lover.

It is much easier for women to seduce a boss than for a man to seduce a boss. But, from the very beginning, the boss will take a frivolous look at the relationship with you, so you will have to spend a lot of effort in order to take possession of his feelings and thoughts. The boss will have a desire to “promote” you only after a long romance.

If your boss talks about women and sex a lot, don’t count on a very quick and easy success.

Do not expect African passions from the boss, he is under heavy loads, he is constantly under stress, so he may simply turn out to be insolvent, like many bosses. The boss, most likely, will expect passions from you, so you should try to diversify his gray monotonous life.

– Prepare in advance for an affair with your boss, if your office has a dress code, then wear suits that will emphasize the sexual roundness of your body, but this should not be very striking. If you have nice legs, keep your skirt as short as business etiquette allows. Don’t forget about high heels. Hair should always be well washed and styled in a beautiful hairstyle. Make up a little brighter, if the boss is not allergic, use good perfume with a sexy scent. All this will help to draw attention to you, even if you do not utter a word.

Tips for Seducing Your Boss
– Your gait should be such that men turn around after you (in a positive way), so practice at home. The voice should sound melodious, but not loud.
– One of the best ways to get the attention of the boss, to disagree with his statements in public, involve the boss in an argument, during discussions people often look into each other’s eyes, and this is what you need.
– Try to meet with the boss in an informal setting. If he is a tennis fan, love tennis, if he likes to go golf, sign up for the same golf club.
– At a corporate party, try to communicate more with your boss, not forgetting to emphasize that you are a versatile person: study a foreign language, learn to dance tango or flamenco, visit a sauna with a girlfriend on weekends. Men do not like housewives, so he will think that it will be very interesting to spend time with you, since most men peck at outstanding women.
– But! At the same time, continue to keep your distance, do not tell the whole truth about yourself, listen more to the boss’s stories about his life.
– Your boss may feel that you are interested in him and may offer you overtime work – refuse. If your boss wanted to seduce you, he would choose another way, for example, he would go on a business trip with you. In no case do not let the boss exploit your feelings, ask for any interesting tasks for yourself, promotion, interesting business trips, take time off from work.
– Let’s suppose that your boss is already starting to have some feelings for you, offers to go abroad for a couple of days to rest. In this case, you can directly ask the boss if this means that you will have to go to bed with him. If he answers your question in the affirmative, start talking about the fact that “sex without feelings and love is the lot of teenagers, and it is important for you that there are feelings and full communication, that there should be an emotional connection between two adults.” After that, refuse the trip, citing the fact that you are not a call girl.
– After this incident, you can “go underground”, avoid communication with your boss, pretend that you have been greatly humiliated, and you are very worried about male insensitivity and stupidity.
– The more often you say “no” to your boss, the more he will get tangled in your web. But don’t overplay.
The further plot can develop according to one of two scenarios: your boss will give up on you and go to communicate with a more accommodating subordinate, which means that your boss’s interest in you was shallow, in this case, you should not grieve.

According to the second scenario, your boss will fall on the hook and fall in love, after that you can twist any ropes out of him.

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