Nov 3, 2021
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How to save clothes from moths

How to save clothes from moths

How to save clothes from moths

In a clean closet where clean clothes are kept, the chances of a mole starting up are minimal.

The best way to deal with moths is to keep them out of your closet.
The mole starts up not only in the “grandmother’s” closet. The larvae of small gray butterflies will gladly feast on pieces of the most fashionable and expensive clothes. Therefore, if you do not want to lose things that are dear to your wallet and heart, take care in advance that the entrance to your wardrobe is closed to these pests.

Start by cleaning. In a clean closet, where dust is regularly wiped and clothes are aired, moths will not start. The zealous housewives try to clean the wardrobes every 3-4 months: they take out all the clothes, wipe the shelves and cabinet walls from dust. Contaminated clothing should be washed and ironed, the rest should be simply ventilated on the balcony or near an open window.
If a moth larva is suddenly found on something from the clothes, it should be removed, and the thing itself should be put for an hour under direct sunlight for disinfection with ultraviolet light.

Another way to keep things safe from pest attacks is to put them in a bag and put them in the freezer for a couple of days. This will also give the moth no chance of breeding.

To scare moths away from your closet, you can place a sachet with the scent of essential oils of lavender, lemon, cedar tree or other conifers inside it. Natural materials are also suitable as a flavoring: dried grass, orange or lemon peels, cones or needles. Harmful insects do not tolerate these odors as well as the smell of naphthalene.

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