Sep 13, 2022
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How to return Balakleya, Raisins, Kupyansk

How to return Balakleya, Raisins, Kupyansk

Photo: Vladimir Gerdo/TASS

When the Russian military left the cities in the Kharkiv direction – Balakleya, Izyum, Kupyansk – in the course of the NVO, caring citizens from Moscow to the very outskirts are wondering: will the abandoned borders be returned? And if they do, when?

Let’s say the head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov in his telegram channel, he said that our military would definitely return all the abandoned settlements. “I, Ramzan Kadyrov, officially declare that all these cities will be returned back. Our people, specially trained for this work, are already there, ready to leave for another 10,000 fighters. We will reach Odessa in the near future, and you will see concrete results,” Kadyrov promised in his audio address.

He said that leaving these cities was a forced step taken in order to save human lives. However, Kadyrov acknowledged that “mistakes were made.” The Chechen leader also expressed his conviction that the truth should be told about the situation in the zones of the NMD, and the military correspondents working there should be patriots.

As you know, on September 10, the Russian Defense Ministry announced that our military had left some cities in order to regroup and build up efforts in the Donetsk direction.

Leading expert of the Center for Military-Political Studies of MGIMO Mikhail Alexandrov I am convinced that it is necessary to change the strategy and tactics of the military operation.

– There are fears that with the current methods of warfare we will not go far, and now we rather have the task of not losing any other settlement. The tactics of frontal attacks, assaults on fortified areas – this, I believe, is not the best option.

“SP”: – How, in your opinion, should be dealt with fortified areas?

Surround them instead of trying to swoop them in. Even the experience of the First World War showed that this leads to great losses, which we now want to avoid. And now their assault – in my opinion, leads to an increase in losses. And so the thought may arise that even in 2008, with Serdyukovo they fought better when in three days they defeated Georgia, whose army was trained by the Americans, and NATO supplied it with weapons. Then the commander of the 58th Combined Arms Army of the North Caucasian District Khrulev personally led the tank column.

SP: What should be done?

“If we fight only for the sake of saving lives, then this will continue in the future. In addition, now lives are saved, so to speak, per unit of time. Let’s say that on the day we lost a small number of fighters, the next again a small number, but in total it turns out not so little. The goal of military action cannot be to save lives, it is to defeat the enemy. If this circumstance were immediately put at the forefront, then the losses would be, perhaps, similar to the current ones, but Ukraine would be defeated.

“SP”: – Do you need a different concept of hostilities?

– Sometimes the suspicion creeps in that the “concept of network-centric wars” that the Americans came up with is being implemented. In fact, they never used this concept in their wars. This is such a snag, which, perhaps, is used only in military operations against a not very powerful Third World country. But not against Ukraine, which inherited from the Soviet Union the reserves of three powerful military districts of the second strategic echelon and a powerful military-industrial complex.

You don’t need to fight like the Americans, you need to fight like Zhukov, Vasilevsky and our other illustrious commanders. After all, in 1945 we defeated the powerful Kwantung Army in three weeks. And now the ratio is about the same. We then lost 12 thousand people, but the enemy was quickly defeated.

“SP”: – What measures, in your opinion, should be taken now to return the abandoned cities?

“You see, the goal of military operations cannot be the return of Izyum or Balakleya. Their goal is to defeat the enemy. It is necessary to strike at administrative buildings, courts, prosecutor’s offices, military registration and enlistment offices, the Internal Affairs Directorate, the SBU. Buildings of administrations of regions and large cities. Power plants, infrastructure, roads and other communication channels are where strikes should be made. Otherwise, they are mobilizing, coordinating some decisions. We must not allow this.

“SP”: – Accept Western leaders, agree with them on the supply of weapons.

– And there is. If we intend to continue to adhere to this line, then we must create three Ukrainian fronts. In any case, you need to think about changing the format. This is not quite, shall we say, a special operation. We are already almost fully fighting with all of NATO, which gives Kyiv people, trains the military, supplies weapons. The weapons that were in Ukraine at the time of the start of the special operation, we have already destroyed four months ago. Now they are fighting with NATO weapons. And we still haven’t cut off the arms supply channels.

If we systematically and consistently begin to destroy the infrastructure and control facilities, then the forces that are available there at the present time will be enough.

But in my opinion, there are enough resources. We still have missiles for Long-Range Aviation from the Soviet Union. They are already old. You shouldn’t feel sorry for them. They are quite suitable for destroying infrastructure. Next moment. Recently, exercises were held in the Far East, 50 thousand people were involved, many units of aviation and artillery.

But almost everything should be in Ukraine. We have no critical threats in the Far East. In addition, our fleet is present there. It is also possible to attract part of the military and equipment from Tajikistan, from the Northern Fleet. You have to be able to manage resources.

For example, in the Great Patriotic War, Zhukov asked his subordinates who held significant military formations to contain Finland, which could not attack: why so many forces were concentrated against the Finns – almost as many as against the Germans. And the forces were transferred, used in the best way. We can create a punching fist and use it properly. But for this it is necessary to deprive the enemy of mobility, to disorganize his forces.

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