Sep 13, 2020
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How to reset damage and return evil to the one who brought it: 5 ways

How to reset damage and return evil to the one who brought it: 5 ways

Corruption is a terrible practice aimed at causing harm to a person. This negative program literally destroys a person's life, and one must be able not only to recognize it, but also to return it to the sender.

The desire to harm or take revenge on a person without getting your hands dirty is quite common. For this, damage is most often used - a powerful negative program that destroys the physical, mental and mental health of the victim. Fortunately, the corruption can be discarded and returned to the sender. Returning damage to the offender does not mean revenge or punishment, it is just self-defense, a way to protect oneself from evil, which was aimed at causing harm in various areas of life.

1. Return the damage to an unknown sender not difficult. For this, a special rite is provided, after which the person who sent the damage will immediately betray himself.

Buy a long candle from the church. Stand with your back to the front door, light a candle and walk around the house without haste, holding the candle in every corner. During this, read the words of the prayer "Our Father". After completing the tour, return to the same place, put out the candle, and hide the candle somewhere nearby: in the nightstand, in the shoebox, under the rug. After this ceremony, the person who caused the damage will appear - he can call, write, ask to visit. Reduce contact with him as much as possible, and mentally ask God for salvation for him, because all negativity will return to him threefold.

2. Discharge and return of spoilage using sea salt. Buy a box of sea salt and 7 church candles. Don't take your change. When you come home, place the candles around the open container with salt, light them and read any Orthodox prayer from corruption three times. Use this salt for bathing. Accompany each wash with the words: “I am cleansed of any evil, I am freed from someone else's envy. The corruption has outlived itself, returning to the one from whom it came. "

3. Getting rid of spoilage with wax. In the late evening, take a deep bowl of water and a piece of black cloth. Melt the wax and pour it into water with the words: "I drive out corruption, I return it back, I return an evil action to the envious." Do not consider the resulting wax figure, otherwise the damage will remain with you. With your left hand, scoop the wax through a black cloth, wrap it in the cloth, and discard it away from home.

4. Return of evil to the sender. The editors recommend that this ceremony be carried out during the waning moon. Buy a packet of table salt and place a few handfuls on a hot skillet. Take a knife and stir the salt counterclockwise. As soon as you notice that the salt turns black, immediately read: "Let the life of the one who harms my family burn with fire." After that, stir the salt a few more times with a knife, pour it into a paper bag and silently go to the nearest intersection. Pour out the salt so that no one can see, toss in a coin and say, "Paid."

5. Removal and return of damage with a knife. Take the black-handled knife in your right hand. Then, with a sharp movement, cut off negative energy from all sides, saying: "Let the one who sent evil wait a hundredfold rollback." Then rinse the knife under cold running water. In the future, those who do evil will be immediately punished. The knife itself will send back all the evil.

Anything bad that is directed at you will be returned to the offender in multiples, even without rituals. But for the sake of protection, we still recommend not to wait until the negative returns like a boomerang, but to turn away evil from yourself on your own. The most important thing is not to wish evil to the envious person. Otherwise, some of this "return" will remain and continue to poison your life.

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