Mar 6, 2021
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How to remove superglue from clothes

How to remove superglue from clothes

Superglue is a useful thing. With it, you can independently repair shoes and household items. It sticks everything together, even the skin on your fingers.

Therefore, when glue accidentally gets on clothes, it becomes a big problem. You can’t just wash it off in warm water with powder. But there is still a way to save the thing.

Put your clothes in a regular plastic bag. Then place it in the freezer. The temperature should be at least 18 ° C.
After 2 hours, take out the thing smeared with glue. By that time, the glue will completely harden, change the consistency and texture, and peel off a little. Scrape it off gently with a knife.

If a few blotches of glue remain, they can be removed in the opposite way: by strong heating. The melting point of the adhesive is approximately 80 ° C.

Turn on the iron. Place a cotton cloth on the soiled clothing. Then iron this place. The heated glue will quickly melt, and you can easily remove its remnants from the fabric.

Then wash the item in the usual way in warm water and laundry soap. It will be like new.

How to remove glue from clothing? There are several more ways. For example, the use of fat. Lubricate the contaminated area with butter, petroleum jelly or glycerin. Some quick-setting adhesives are dissolved by these substances.

If the cold and steam fail completely, chemicals can be used. Use acetone for all fabrics or nail polish remover, whiteness for whites, gasoline for woolen and silk fabrics.

An inexpensive pharmaceutical product such as Dimexide also helps. They need to be used with rubber gloves to protect the skin of the hands.

Too delicate fabrics are best treated with a less harsh product – table vinegar.

How to remove glue from clothes? The scheme of use for all funds is the same. A small amount of the chosen product should be applied to the stain, and if the fabric is too delicate, then it is better to mix the product with water and place the item in a concentrated solution.

Do not forget that caring manufacturers of superglue began to produce antisuperglue – an excellent solvent. You don’t have your own alternatives at hand, go to the same store where you bought superglue and ask for “antiglue”.

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