Aug 9, 2022
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How to remove old paint from various surfaces? 3 methods

How to remove old paint from various surfaces?  3 methods

Every owner of a summer cottage may need to remove old paint from metal, wood, brick or concrete. We will tell you how and with what to treat surfaces from various materials and remove old cracked paint in order to renew the coating or change its color.

Before painting any surface, it is necessary to carry out preliminary preparation. It includes removing dirt, cobwebs, insects from the surface, as well as removing paint, sanding (for wood surfaces) and puttying.

The most important step is the removal of the surface coating. The left old paint contributes to the appearance of cracks, flaking of the new coating, and a violation of the aesthetic appearance. Consider the most common paint removal methods that you can use on the farm:

  • thermal;
  • chemical;
  • mechanical.

The use of one of the methods depends on the type of paint applied, as well as on the material of the surface to be cleaned.

thermal method

The most effective method for cleaning wooden surfaces from paint and varnish is the heat treatment method. With the help of a building hair dryer or burner, the old surface is heated to the melting point. The paint softens and peels off, after which it is easily peeled off with a hand trowel. The advantage of this method is that even thick layers of paint can be stripped quickly and efficiently.

The processing method is only suitable for wood, and in some cases for metal. It is ineffective for plastic, the latter begins to melt and deform at high temperatures. This method is of little use for the treatment of painted concrete, stone or plastered surfaces. A significant drawback is the release of volatile toxic substances when the paint is heated.

Chemical way to remove paint

You can also remove old paint with special tools, which include chemical solvents. They are produced for the removal of a specific coating and are based on acids, alkalis and organic polar substances, such as acetone or gasoline. There are also solvents with a universal composition, but their effectiveness is lower.

After applying the solvent to the surface, it must be left for 15-60 minutes. The time depends on the type of old paint and the thickness of the applied layer. The required time of contact with the surface must be indicated on the packaging. During this time, the old paint will begin to soften and can be easily removed with a hand trowel.

The chemical method is suitable for cleaning most surfaces:

  1. trees;
  2. metal;
  3. plastic and linoleum;
  4. MDF and glass.

The method of removing paint by mechanical action

Mechanical paint stripping methods include cleaning with hand or power tools. The most common tool for removing paint from large surfaces is a grinder or an angle grinder (angle grinder). If a grinder is used, instead of a disk, a special wire brush (brushing) is fixed on it. You can also use a drill with a metal nozzle. This method is suitable for stripping wood and metal from oil paints.

To clean concrete, stone, plastered walls from water-based paints, surface grinders with coarse sandpaper, with a grain size of 250-600 microns, are used.

The manual method of removing paint with a spatula or scrapers is also referred to as mechanical methods. This process is quite long and laborious, but the most affordable. Removing the paint by hand will not give you a completely clean surface, so use it in combination with other methods, or at the stage of completion of the preparatory work. The advantage of the manual method is the ability to remove any paintwork

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