Mar 8, 2020
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How to remove fat from the hands: 5 exercises without dumbbells

We have already figured out earlier how to tighten inner thigh and general simple exercises for weight loss . Today we will analyze a set of exercises for the hands without weight.

Every woman dreams of an ideal figure with a flat stomach and elastic buttocks, but she does not always remember the importance of tight, slender arms in giving a precise silhouette. It is not necessary to use the services of a fitness trainer - in the absence of free time and financial constraints, you can train at home.

Hand exercises without dumbbells for women and girls are presented in different options and difficulty levels. Such training works well for the muscles of the arms, which are clearly visible on the surface (triceps, biceps, brachialis) , and also involve deep-lying muscles.

Dumbbell-free hand exercises for women

With regular active exercises in combination with proper nutrition, you can see the first noticeable changes quickly enough, after 2-3 weeks

Warm up before training

Before performing the exercises, you should thoroughly warm up the muscles and prepare them for a more serious load:


From a position right with the feet shoulder width apart, you need to rotate your hands alternately in a circle: the right hand through the back is brought up, and the left down then the right one in front drops and at the same time the left one rises through the back. Do the exercise in an accelerated rhythm 20 seconds .

    Swings with a jump.

Take the starting position: connect your legs and lower your arms down. During the jump, spread your legs at shoulder level, while your arms rush up with the breeding to the sides. Another jump is to return to the starting position. Repeat at an accelerated pace for half a minute.

    Mahi hands.

To stand upright and bend your arms in front of your chest so that your elbows rush in different directions. Flatten the shoulder blades and perform 2 movements to the back, then straighten your arms to the sides and perform the movement in the same way. Exercise to do time.

An effective set of 5 exercises for the hands

The training complex for hands at home should be performed regularly and approach each exercise responsibly. Strength training should be performed a week no more than three times, if the emphasis is on stretching the muscles of the hands, then it is allowed to exercise every day.

Excessive load on the muscles of the hands, especially physically unprepared, can cause pain , which will not allow to continue further exercises and cause significant discomfort. The load should be increased gradually, and exercises should move from simple to more complex.

So, training for arms without dumbbells is presented in the form of a set of 5 exercises.

Important! No need to beware of the appearance of huge "male" hands. Without training equipment with a lot of weight, special sports supplements and patient labor, this will not happen.

1. Narrow arms push-ups

Push-ups are the most effective exercises for the hands without using dumbbells. For people just starting to exercise, it is best to do the exercise from a bed or sofa. For relief, you can also rest your knees on the floor. Among other things, this movement perfectly removes fat from the axillary region.

1. Starting position - emphasis lying. Straight legs together with the body create one line, with the socks resting on the floor. Arrange your hands on the floor so that your fingers do not leave the boundaries of the imaginary line of the shoulders;

2. The distance between the palms is equal to the shoulder girdle, hands are almost perpendicular to the floor. Gently bend your elbows in your arms, dropping down; Go straight up without spreading your elbows to the sides and holding them along the body.

It is necessary to perform 3-4 sets in the range - times.

2. Backward push-ups

A simple and effective exercise that strengthens the weak muscles of the triceps and makes the area behind the shoulders taut and elastic. T also develops biceps and forearms, muscles of the upper chest and deltoid muscles, perfectly tightens sagging skin on the inside of the arm.

1. Starting position - sit on the edge of the bed or sofa and put your hands to the side of the hips, elbows slightly bent;

2. Move the body forward and lower the buttocks, while the gaze is fixed in front of you, and the chest is straightened;

3. Bend your elbows and squeeze until your shoulders take a position parallel to the floor (the angle between the forearm and shoulders is 30 degrees);

4. Return to the starting position.

It is recommended to perform reverse push-ups with a large number of repetitions - from 12 before 20 every 3-4 approaches.

Caution! When performing the exercise, you cannot extend your elbows and round your back, otherwise the load will go to the shoulder joints, which is fraught with dislocation.

It is also forbidden to go too low - this can cause damage to the capsule of the shoulder joint.

3. Burpy

The most effective exercise for burning fat, involving all the muscles at once and extremely loading the upper body . It works out the entire muscle group of the hands, includes both superficial muscles (biceps, triceps, extensor of the wrist, brachiradialis) and the deep muscles. Effectively reduces the volume of hands in girls.

1. Starting position - take a squat position, with the palms in front of you;

2. Jump with your legs back and take a position as if push-ups;

3. Push out and jump back to the squat position;

4. Jump as high as possible and take your starting position.

Exercise should be performed at an accelerated pace, as far as physical fitness allows. Recommended to do - 10 repetitions.

Due to its high intensity, the exercise perfectly burns excess fat in the area of ​​the hands, develops strength and gives the arms an elastic sporty look. Training improves metabolism, which helps in the process of actively getting rid of unnecessary calories .

Caution! Burpy is a very difficult exercise and can cause a beginner to have great difficulty in performing. Even in a sports-developed person, after 5-6 times the flow of oxygen is blocked, the legs begin to burn.

4. Strap

This is a universal exercise that works out all muscle groups, including the manual ones. When doing a handstand, the muscles begin to contract, activating the processes in the vessels, cells and lymphatic ducts.

Holding the bar involves transferring half of the body weight to your hands, which allows you to perfectly work out biceps and triceps. This rather difficult exercise will not give the hands relief, but will make them more elegant and stronger.

1. Starting position - palms folded into a fist, hands rested on the floor with the forearms, legs and back straight and form a straight line, the stomach is tucked up, the buttocks are in tension;

2. Legs at shoulder level and socks on the floor. Hands are located strictly under the shoulder joints;

3. The lower back during the entire exercise is straight without rounding. To understand what position should be in the lower back, you need to lie on your back and press your lower back to the floor. It is in this state that it should be when the bar is executed.

4. The whole body stretches back with the heels.

It is recommended to stay in the pose of the bar for one minute or how much strength each body can do. At the first performance, the beginners have a state of trembling in the upper and lower extremities, which is a consequence of weak muscles. Over time, the muscles become stronger, and the shaking will significantly decrease or completely disappear.

5. Palm squeezing

An exercise that has come from the practice of yoga includes not only the muscles of the hands (biceps, triceps), but also improves the shape of the chest. Squeezing the palms is easy to perform and is accessible even to a beginner .

1. You need to raise your hands and connect your palms with each other so that your elbows are bent at right angles and look to the sides;

2. With all his strength, start pressing on the palms for about one to two minutes;

3. Relieve pressure and take a break for seconds;

4. Repeat the exercise, changing the position of the arms, stretching them above the head.


A rubber ball can be placed between the palms to enhance efficiency. The exercise must be performed times) for each hand position.

Stretching (hitch) after training

After active training , minor pain manifestations may occur, which are eliminated by special stretching exercises and:

    Put palms in the lock, and lifting them above your head, stretch yourself carefully.

  • Clasp your hands to the castle behind your back, and trying to keep your arms as high as possible, reach out.

  • Get one hand behind the head, and take the opposite by the elbow and pull it to the head for about 5 - 10 seconds.

Useful tips

Effective correction of hands and forearms implies not only exercises for weight loss of hands without dumbbells, but also the implementation of simple recommendations:

    Proper nutrition. You can endlessly talk about the dangers of sweets and fast food. In the struggle for a slim figure, a properly selected diet plays a huge role. Eating another bun and drinking a glass of soda, it will not be possible to achieve elegant forms, even with regular training.

  • Adequate fluid intake . Drinking 1.5-2 liters of water per day, you can significantly improve metabolic processes, which will affect the rate of breakdown of excess fat.

  • Regularity. Exercise problem areas with training on a regular basis, at least three times a week. It is important to accustom the body to constant loads, and long breaks in classes will reduce all results to zero.

  • Patience. Do not expect an instant effect from the training complex. The first fruits in strengthening and muscle tightening can be noticed after 2-3 weeks of regular training.

  • Home exercises for hands without dumbbells do not take much time and do not require special equipment. With constant performance, the hands will acquire beautiful outlines and embossed triceps. You can safely put on dresses and sundresses with open shoulders and enjoy the graceful shape of your own hands


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