Apr 24, 2022
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How to remove a tick at home (video)

How to remove a tick at home (video)

A popular proverb says: “If you like to ride, love to carry sleds.” Having slightly altered this pearl of folklore, I want to add the following: “If you like to be in nature in the summer, love and be responsible for the consequences.” Unfortunately, often for many people a trip to the forest or a picnic by the lake ends with a tick stuck into the skin.

As you know, ticks are the main carriers of encephalitis, so they should be removed immediately. Many people still follow the old-fashioned method with sunflower oil and a ring, or else they try to draw out a bloodsucker with a syringe.

We present to your attention a unique trick, thanks to which you can easily remove a tick so that not a single part of its body remains inside human skin. To do this, you only need water and a cotton swab.

Watch carefully how the woman in the video removes the tick and remember the sequence of her movements. In a critical situation, this method can become a lifesaver.

Remember that scrolling the insect is counterclockwise in slow circular motions, as if trying to unscrew the bolt from the nut. You can try this trick with Vaseline or alcohol. The main thing is to get the tick carefully so that it remains completely safe and sound.

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