May 15, 2022
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How to rejuvenate your face in just a couple of days

How to rejuvenate your face in just a couple of days

To rejuvenate your face in just a couple of days at home seems like a difficult task. However, it is actually quite real. Cardinal rejuvenation, of course, will not work, but the result is so noticeable that hardly anyone will be dissatisfied. And with regular implementation of the recommendations, the effect will be striking.

Stages of rejuvenation

For facial rejuvenation, it is important to apply a set of measures. Only in this way it will be possible to achieve an excellent effect. The most powerful effect is a facial massage. It is he who helps to achieve an excellent effect of rejuvenation in just a couple of days. The fact is that massage significantly enhances blood circulation and thereby improves skin nutrition. And the sooner you start doing it, the better. Some girls try massage for the first time at 25, and rightly so. However, even at the age of 50, this home procedure will benefit and give a good result.

In addition to massage, you should add a nutritional adjustment, remove all harmful things and at the same time add usefulness, start playing sports, at least morning exercises, lead a proper lifestyle, and give up bad habits. Massage can be done with your own hands or with the help of a special roller, massager. And it is not necessary to go to a beauty salon and pay big money for the service. It is enough to allocate about 10-15 minutes a day for this. In just a couple of days, the changes will be very noticeable. There is an excellent lifting, the skin will tighten and become smoother.

If you wish, you can go to a beauty salon at least once or twice to a rejuvenating massage specialist and learn how to do it correctly. In total, in the modern world there are a very large number of massage techniques. One of the most popular and famous is Zogan or Asahi.

The technique was developed by a cosmetologist from Japan named Yukuko Tanaki. Massage is carried out strictly along the massage lines. Before starting the procedure, it is important to thoroughly cleanse the face, and then apply cosmetic oil. It can be olive, almond, grape, coconut and other options.

Of the devices that carry out the procedure, a stone made of jade, resin, wood, animal horns, as well as mesoscooters and vibratory massagers are very popular. Massage has contraindications that are important to be aware of. So, with increased facial hair, it is hardly worth doing it. Also prohibited for chronic inflammation. It’s best to remove them first. Yes, and wounds, burns are also unacceptable. For massage, the skin must be intact. You can do massage both in the morning and in the evening before going to bed.

Many women prefer the morning procedure because it helps to remove puffiness from the face and evens out skin tone. But you can massage twice a day. It is done along massage lines – from the middle of the nose to the tips of the eyebrows, from the corners of the lips to the middle of the ear, from the center of the chin to the earlobes, from the eyebrows to the roots of the hair, and also from the wings of the nose to the temples. All movements should be smooth, without friction and pressure.

The fingers should slide along the skin, but do not pull it, so as not to stretch. In addition, the movements can be tapping in nature, as well as point. The procedure helps to achieve a good effect in a short period of time. But in addition to massage, it is important to observe additional measures.

Additional measures for facial rejuvenation at home

The first thing that is important for skin rejuvenation is its high-quality and thorough cleansing. Only thanks to him, all creams and serums will be able to penetrate deeply into the skin and do their job. Many women cleanse their face in two steps. The first time with a special hydrophilic oil, and the second time with a water-based gel. This approach will improve the quality of the skin at times and help improve its color. Facial care products should be suitable for the type of skin. It is important to buy quality and not save.

After cleansing the skin, it should be toned. Special tonics help with this. Then comes the moisturizing step. Creams and serums are used here. It is better to choose with retinol, peptides, vitamins, minerals, collagen, hyaluronic acid, extracts and essential oils. Face masks should be done a couple of times a week. They can be both purchased and homemade. They prepare the last of such components as honey, oatmeal, rice flour, eggs, clay and others.

In addition, 1-2 times a week, you should do a skin scrub. It can also be purchased or homemade. Coffee, soda, sugar, sea salt are suitable for these purposes. For example, mix ground natural coffee with olive oil in equal proportions, apply to clean face skin, massage for 5 minutes, hold for another 15 minutes, then rinse with water. Such a scrub perfectly cleanses the skin of dead cells, dirt, dust and sebaceous secretions.

It’s also important to watch your diet. Harm should be excluded and healthy foods should be added, such as vegetables and fruits, berries, nuts, seeds and seeds, fermented milk products, whole grain cereals – buckwheat, oats and others, legumes. For healthy and young skin, you should observe the water regime and drink about 2 liters of water per day. You should also be as nervous as possible, meditate to calm down, play sports, such as yoga, do cardio, aerobics, fitness, observe sleep patterns and sleep about 7-9 hours a day.

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