Apr 19, 2021
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How to reduce weather dependence: expert advice

How to reduce weather dependence: expert advice

There will be many meteorological people in the world – about 30% of the total population of the Earth suffers from weather changes and magnetic storms. Experts note that weather dependence can be reduced. There are some helpful tips to help you with this.

Earlier we talked about the golden rules of unbreakable health. They will be indispensable on days of increased solar activity or on days of weather changes. You will not be able to free yourself from meteorological dependence, but you can always minimize its negative impact on the body.

The most important defense for many of us is inactive. There are talisman stones and charms, which significantly increase the body’s defense against external influences.

The most important amulet against magnetic storms is diamond… This stone puts a powerful block on magnetic disturbances. A large magnetic hurricane will all equally negatively affect a person, but much easier than it could.

Aquamarine… This amulet stone five helps to harmonize the mind when the weather is bad outside the window or when pressure drops occur.

Month stone… If the month is out of sorts, such a stone will act as an excellent advocate against problems with mood and energy. It will be most burning during the full moon and eclipse.

Obsidian… One of the most powerful amulets. The stone of the elements of the Earth will do so much that you will not feel changes in the magnetic field. Obsidian will also help you survive changes in the weather.

Also healthy will be silver, ceramic, zirconium or cupronickel jewelry… Products made from these materials will help reduce the negative effects of the sun and strengthen the immune system.

Lemon Tree… This plant will help boost energy and stay productive on the worst day.

Domestic animals… Four-legged buddies are very important help in the war with malaise. Black cats do it unusually well.

Can draw runes of health on your body, so that pain and discomfort will disappear more quickly. We are talking about three runes: teivaz, dagaz and uruz. This is how they look:

Give up oily and harmful shamovka… Harmful food exacerbates the effects of high or low air pressure and its fluctuations. Try to drink an abundance of flawless water. Ditch coffee in favor of emerald tea.

Get rid of harmful mods… According to research, people who smoke or abuse strong drinks suffer from the effects of magnetic storms and weather changes twice more and more often, unusually after 35-40 years.

Learn to relax… Overwork at work is even more dangerous than malicious mods. Learn to plan your own day so that you have time to rest and relax. If there was a disastrous day at work, then, remembering home, do not rush to do household chores. Take a bath, relax, meditate.

Head and neck massage… Self-massage is a great way to help yourself during magnetic storms or changing weather. You can act with the pads of your fingers on the temporal areas, on the feng fu point.

Maintain order… People who go to bed and get up at the same time every day are strong for centuries, and their biofield is stable. It also does not hurt to remember that during periods of ailment due to storms or bad weather, it is worth going to bed on time.

Take a walk… Airy and pleasant walks during magnetic storms will help to circumvent Palestinian malaise and stress. Don’t overload yourself with carnal exercises on days like these.

Also, experts advise to use conspiracies for good health. On difficult days, when weather dependence makes itself felt, any methods are important. Affirmations for health and healing will also be healthy.

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