Jan 26, 2021
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How to quickly turn on the brain?

Previously, it was possible to start work on the way from home to office. Today, many remote workers sometimes wake up five to ten minutes before the start of all kinds of online planning meetings and meetings. How to get the brain to work quickly?

Tells Svetlana Shishkova, candidate of psychological sciences, neuropsychologist, head of the scientific-practical center “Dom”

The following techniques help to wake up quickly:

1. Use tables

The easiest way to activate attention is with the help of special tables, which are filled with letters with words encrypted in them. (These can be found on the Internet or separately published brochures). It is important to do this quickly – the search for each new word should not take more than 3-5 seconds.

2. Align the incompatible

Take any book, and from it – two words (for example, the first from page 35, the second from page 48) and make up a meaningful phrase from them. For example, from the words “door” and “loved ones” you can make up the following: “Close people who do not like to carry keys with them, often have to wait for me under a closed door.”

3. Find meaning

Take paper and pencil. Relaxedly, without thinking, draw freehand lines or shapes on a piece of paper. And then quickly turn on and think about what you need to finish drawing in order to get a meaningful drawing – a car, a person, a steamer, etc. Search status includes creativity.

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