Oct 25, 2021
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How to quickly iron a shirt: a little secret

How to quickly iron a shirt: a little secret

Learn tips and tricks for taking care of your clothes while ironing

An ironed shirt is a sign of intelligence and chic for many. But sometimes you have to tinker with one thing for too long, but the result is still not happy, there are creases and folds. This is because not everyone knows the secret of how to iron shirts properly.

What is the main trick of how to iron a shirt? Knowing it, you will greatly speed up this process. Start from smallest to largest:

  • Iron the cuffs and collar first.
  • Then go to the sleeves.
  • Then stroke your shoulders.
  • It was the turn of the shelves.
  • The final stage is the back.

The explanation is very simple: if you immediately iron a large canvas, then, switching to little things, you run the risk of crushing the newly ironed fabric. And you have to start all over again, correcting the creases. But if it is the other way around, then ironed cuffs will in no way prevent you from tidying up the shelves and back.

Additional tips:

  1. Read the label. This will help you navigate at what temperature to heat the iron so as not to burn the thing.
  2. Be careful. No label and stroking for the first time? Play it safe and try ironing on an inconspicuous piece of clothing. If it sticks, turn the temperature down.
  3. Turn it out. It is better to iron it on the wrong side, then you will save your shirt from the possible gloss that the iron sometimes leaves. And the seams will be ironed better.
  4. Go around the clasps. Buttons, rivets, as well as decorative patches and tags can melt from the heat and should not be ironed.
  5. Roll up the roller. If you do not have a stand on the ironing board, thick fabric rolled in several layers, especially in the sleeves, will greatly help you.
  6. Sprinkle. A wet item will be ironed better than a dry item. And steam is just capable of working miracles.
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