Aug 5, 2022
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How to quickly get the perfect lawn?

How to quickly get the perfect lawn?How to quickly get the perfect lawn?How to quickly get the perfect lawn?

In the modern world, there are various ways to get a luxurious lawn. At the same time, landscape design will be ennobled with high quality, if you properly prepare the soil and lay the lawn. The procedure is carried out quickly if specialists from the TOPIAR company take up the matter, while laying the lawn is quite affordable. It helps to decorate the site for any purpose.

Lawn device from the manufacturer

To make a green lawn, a biodegradable mixture and a synthetic mesh are used. The mixture will prevent the seeds from washing out and increase mechanical strength, as well as provide an even path of greenery.

An important feature in the laying technology is the use of mixtures of herbs that are sown on a layer of soil, observing a thickness of up to three centimeters. In the process, the soil is enriched with fertilizers with a mineral composition.

Ideal parameters of a quality lawn:

  1. The length is two meters.
  2. Forty centimeters wide.
  3. Three centimeters thick.
  4. Weight 17 kg.

If the choice of lawn coincides with the parameters, but even with a small error. So, you can safely buy products.

The procedure for laying greenery

Before laying the greenery, you need to find out the amount of area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe entire territory on which the lawn will be. You need to lay greens in one go, so a uniform layer is preserved. Therefore, it is worth calculating the entire area and then adding 5% to this figure, if there are flower beds, then 10%.

Then you need to prepare the site, namely, to carry out the cleaning procedure from various debris and stumps, where the laying will be carried out. After carrying out the processing of the earth with a chemical and level the site. At the end, do not forget about backfilling with fertile soil, and apply mineral fertilizers 7 days before laying.

The final and main stage of all will be the procedure for laying greenery. Within three days, the work should be completed completely, if a person does not have the opportunity to carry out the procedure immediately, then it is worth postponing. Laying the lawn is best done in autumn or spring, these are the most favorable seasons. The earth should move away and warm up after frost.

Laying the lawn is not a complicated procedure if the employees of take care of it and do the work correctly. At the same time, landscaping has significant advantages, for example, you do not need to grow your own lawn and take care of it. After all, professionals will be able to lay a beautiful canvas that will last for many years. That is why you should contact the professional company TOPIAR, their services will pay off with more than an impeccable appearance of the lawns, which will last for a long time.

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