Oct 22, 2021
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How to quickly get rid of sugar addiction

How to quickly get rid of sugar addiction

Sweet snacks are bad for your health

Some methods can help you cope with the urge to eat something sweet and save calories.

Candy on the go, some chocolate or ice cream? Yes, sweet temptations are quick, but in the end they are not so innocent fun, especially when you step on the scales. Here’s how to get over sugar cravings and stop your sugar-free anxiety.

8 tips to help you get rid of your sugar addiction:

Understand the reasons. First, figure out when you most often eat sugar in your daily life: it can be stress, poor sleep or breakfast. Try to avoid these triggers.

Find hidden sugar. Of course, sweets aren’t the only ones that contain sugar. Tomato sauce, salad dressings, chips and more are full of them! Check the composition of what you eat carefully. Avoid processed foods, canned foods, and fruit yogurts.

Have breakfast right. Breakfast regulates blood sugar and relieves cravings. Unsweetened porridge with cinnamon and nuts, omelet with avocado and tomatoes are ideal for an invigorating start to the day without sugar.

Leave yourself a loophole. Don’t give up sweets completely. Why not consciously eat a piece of chocolate or ice cream sometimes? After all, there are many sugar-free alternatives for those with a sweet tooth. How about homemade banana ice cream, for example?

Go in for sports. When you’re stressed, you can quickly move on to sugary and fatty snacks. Instead, calm your nerves with exercise. Physical activity also regulates blood sugar levels.

Use a natural sugar substitute. As a last resort, sweeten the porridge with a little honey and banana, or use a sweetener for baking.

Meditate and relax. You need to be able to calm the endocrine system so that the brain calms down and requires less sugar. Active relaxation means: meditation, mindfulness training, muscle relaxation.

Be patient. Every beginning is difficult. Try to gradually get rid of sugar in your daily life and give your body time to wean from it. You will notice that in just a few weeks without sugar bombs, your cravings for sweets will disappear.

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