Jun 23, 2022
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How to properly pack for a move

How to properly pack for a movepacking for moving

Transporting personal belongings while moving to a new apartment is a rather troublesome business. Preparatory work is a kind of art. If you do not pay due attention to this issue, then the event can turn into a real disaster with lost or damaged items. So that you do not have to calculate the losses, it is recommended that you first of all properly pack all your things.

Packaging options

The main packing materials that will be needed during preparation include the following:

  • Air bubble film. A bubble is needed for fragile items made of glass that can break easily.
  • Stretch film. Helps protect property from dust.
  • Cardboard boxes for storing personal items, clothes, shoes, etc.
  • Twine or other strong rope. It will be needed to bandage shoe boxes, stacks of books, etc.
  • Large bags of different materials. They can be used for textiles – clothes, blankets, blankets, curtains.

To make transporting things quick and pleasant, you also need to supplement your arsenal with scissors, tape and a marker. Boxes that say what’s in them are much easier to take apart.

Packing things compactly and securely

You need to collect items by theme or location in the apartment. For example, you will have separate containers for kitchen utensils, separately for bathrooms, etc. You can also fold clothes directly on hangers in the order in which you plan to hang them in a new place. Another convenient way is packing according to the season.

Fragile items should be wrapped with a film or some kind of cloth. If you do not have the listed materials, tear open the box and lay sheets of cardboard between the dishes.

For transporting books, it is best to take small boxes. If everything is loaded into one volumetric container, then it will be quite difficult to carry it.

For liquids, a film is required. So that shampoos, sauces, oil do not leak out, it is necessary to strengthen them with cling film. The best solution is to wrap it around the neck of the bottle, then screw on the cap. You should have a bag with important things that you will immediately need in your new home.

How to pack furniture

To begin with, it will need to be disassembled. All components are wrapped in corrugated cardboard, and on top of it – stretch film. This will protect the elements from scratches and chips. Put the accessories in a bag or bag, glue it to the furniture with adhesive tape. In the presence of glass and mirror parts, they should be overlaid on both sides with corrugated cardboard, strengthen the structure with bubble film and tighten it with adhesive tape. The specialized transport company Xhovala will help you get rid of the hassle. The experience and responsibility prescribed in the contract will help solve all problems in a short time with maximum reliability and safety.

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