Aug 16, 2022
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How to properly develop a child?

How to properly develop a child?

Only in the presence of love and actions that contribute to the development of the child, it is possible to grow and educate not only a responsible and purposeful person, but also a gifted one. With the correct development of the baby, attention should be paid to some points.

Babies who have just learned to crawl are trying to explore the world. In this case, kinesthetic sensations play a special role, since it is thanks to them that they comprehend the surrounding space, therefore, for safety reasons, all small details should be removed from the room and sharp corners should be eliminated. For development, you should purchase a small soft book – it will contribute to the formation of thinking and improve hand motor skills.

An important element among the various types of toys are cubes and geometric shapes. It should be shown to the baby that one can both build pyramids and destroy them. The process of creation is important in the development of children. You can buy cubes and other educational things through an online store for goods for children or in a regular department store.

The correct development of children is facilitated by a variety of cards on which animals or body parts can be depicted. As you get older, you can use more complex pictures.

Having learned to build and destroy pyramids, the baby will try to understand the mechanism of other objects, which is why children at a young age “break” toys so often. In fact, they do not destroy them, but try to understand exactly how they are arranged. In this case, you can not scold and even more so punish the child. If the toy is out of order, it is best to sympathize with the child.

An indispensable toy for both sexes is a doll (you can buy a baby doll for a boy). The actions carried out first with the doll, and then with the baby (for example, washing the face) will contribute to an easier perception of the processes.

For development, you can use a variety of objects, the most important thing is that they do not pose a threat to the baby. Contact with paper should be avoided as it may cut the thin, delicate skin. In addition, shoelaces and chains must be excluded from the number of “toys”.

As a rule, all children adopt the behavior of adults, so parents should pay attention to their own actions and actions. If during the game with the baby the parent was constantly distracted for various reasons, then this will contribute to the formation of distracted attention in the baby himself.

At the age of 7, children go to school, and there they will be influenced by new people. Up to this point, it is important to instill in them the desire and need to develop further and acquire new knowledge, and throughout the entire period of study, try to maintain this feeling.

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