Oct 30, 2021
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How to properly clean the house in a pandemic

How to properly clean the house in a pandemic

An excellent prevention is not only wearing masks and rinsing your nose after going to the store, but also high-quality cleaning in your own home.

At a time when there is a threat of the spread of coronavirus, it is worth remembering that a clean house is an excellent prevention of infectious diseases. Of course, you need to wear medical masks, wash your hands with soap and water more often, use solutions for treating your hands, etc. But you can avoid the disease if you often do cleaning in your house or apartment where you live. The cleaner the dwelling, the less chances of viruses.

Particular attention should be paid to washing floors, wiping dust and treating surfaces that are most often touched by households. So what surfaces in your home should you wipe down more often and thoroughly?

TV remotes, set-top boxes. This is one of those items that we almost never let go of our hands. Therefore, they should also be wiped frequently. Better – wet wipes soaked in disinfectant solution.

Switches and door handles. Bacteria love to wait for their victims in these places. Moreover, we touch them first of all, after returning from the street and without washing our hands. Make it a rule to wipe the switches and handles at least once every 3 hours.

Window sills. Airing your apartment is a good habit. But as a result, dust from the street easily enters the house. To reduce its amount, as well as to get rid of “stray” viruses and bacteria, it is worth taking the habit of wiping windowsills more often.

Plumbing. Sink, bathtub and toilet bowl always need special attention of the hostess. And especially when there is a risk of catching a dangerous virus. Once every three days, you should thoroughly wash the plumbing using detergents. And don’t forget to wipe down the flush button on the toilet cistern.

Wardrobe and shoe rack. This is where the clothes and shoes we wear on the street are kept. Therefore, they should be regularly wiped with disinfectants in order not to give any chance to survive “alien” bacteria.

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