Apr 23, 2022
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How to please a man

How to please a man

In the age of the protracted sexual revolution, it becomes more and more difficult to please your intimate partner. Everything quickly becomes boring, becomes beaten, a man wants something new, and a woman has children, a house, a career. I want to do everything, and because of this, my sex life suffers, families break up.

What can a woman do to maintain her original relationship with a man? We will try to help you with effective advice.

So, the most important thing is sincerity. If your partner is your loved one, then part of the job is already done. Love and a sincere desire for rapprochement, feelings for each other is the key to successful sexual intercourse. You should not imitate pleasure and orgasm, because it degrades man’s dignity, and they do not forgive this! If you have any problems in terms of enjoyment, then contact the experts.

The next trick is the beauty of your body. Great pleasure for men is the possession of a beautiful body. If everything is in order with you, then you are just incredibly lucky, you are already on the path to success. If you are no longer so young and have problems with your appearance, then urgently board your beauty! Go in for sports or fitness, take care of the skin of the body, make masks, take care of your hair, nails, the body should be clean when having sex – this has an exciting effect on men.

The most favorite male fun is oral sex. Do not be afraid and do not hesitate to do all sorts of wisdom with the phallus of your chosen one, everything will only benefit: play with the testicles, caress them, you can massage the anus, as it excites them very much, although it is difficult for them to admit it.

Next in line is anal sex. You will think: “What a horror!”. But in fact it is not horror, but a great pleasure for both. You just need to get used to it gradually and only with a person you trust a lot. Be sure that for a change in sexual life, you can occasionally indulge your man with such an innovation.

Another interesting little thing – squeezing the walls of the vagina. Practice first idle, and then one of the romantic nights, if it works, then you will understand it first.

So, if your man is dear to you, then indulge him with sexual delights, you will see that soon you will be a queen in his arms!

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