Apr 28, 2022
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How to please a man and keep him interested in yourself

How to please a man and keep him interested in yourself

How often women puzzle over how to please a man, and, most importantly, how to maintain and maintain his interest in themselves throughout their life together. Yes, it really doesn’t sound that simple.

Women have always been concerned about the question: how to please a man, how to maintain and maintain his interest in yourself for many, many more years, and possibly even throughout your entire life together. Yes, it really doesn’t sound that simple. Therefore, women continue to invent cunning plans and change themselves just to achieve their cherished goal. But in fact, everything is much simpler.

How to please a man

In order for a man to always be crazy about you and literally carry you in his arms and not even want to think about looking at someone else, and even more so to leave you, only one quality is required – the ability to sincerely rejoice in him and everything he does for you.

That is, to be really grateful and thereby motivate him to please you even more.

Please note that I am not saying that you need to bring almost slippers in his teeth and “wag your tail” when, for example, you meet him from work. But you should really notice that he has already come home and wants your attention and warmth. Therefore, at least for a while, just put aside all your affairs and listen to him. Or just sit next to him while he rests.

After all, if you really treat men well and respectfully, and not only pretend that you are doing this, but inside yourself continue to despise and dislike them, then you will really turn into a real magnet for the opposite sex, believe me.

Learn to trust them, ask for help, just sincerely admire their strength, courage, wisdom and sense of humor. But as I said at the beginning of the article, just this one feature – the ability to rejoice and be grateful to this particular man will be enough. After all, it will already bring you a positive result and make you incredibly attractive in his eyes.

Therefore, my dear women, remember one simple thing – a man with pleasure and great joy is ready to throw at least the whole world to your beautiful legs. He is really ready to try for you and make efforts, but only when he really sees that it is he who can make you truly happy.

After all, you tell him about it and express your gratitude for all his actions and actions towards you. And in this case, he will feel like your hero, and which of the men would not want this ..? And that is why a man simply cannot, and does not want to, leave a woman, next to whom he always grows wings, and she, next to him, always has a smile … After all, it should be so. Good luck to you!

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