Aug 27, 2022
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How to order Concor on Uteka marketplace

How to order Concor on Uteka marketplaceHow to order Concor on Uteka marketplace

Many people have chronic problems with the work of the cardiovascular system, blood pressure. In order to control the state of the cardiovascular system and maintain everything at an optimal level, the doctor prescribes certain drugs that the patient takes regularly. One of the most popular drugs is Concor. Today you can order Concor through the Uteka marketplace at, which is very convenient. You can regularly replenish the stocks of your medicines and pick them up on time, or order delivery.

What is Concor used for?

It has already been mentioned that it is used in the presence of problems with the heart or blood pressure. The drug is used in cases where blood pressure is low. It also stabilizes the work of the heart, returning it to normal. The main active ingredients of the drug are:

  • bisoprolol fumarate;
  • bisoprolol hemifumarate.

The drug is prescribed only by a doctor. He also determines the dosage and decides on its adjustment, if such a need arose.

How to order Concor on Uteka marketplace

The Yuteka marketplace is universal in that it is medicines, dietary supplements and other pharmacy products. Pharmacy chains and pharmaceutical companies provide their services here. The service operates at the federal level in almost a hundred cities across the country. The geography is gradually expanding, which allows even more people to use the functionality of the site and significantly simplify the process of finding and buying medicines and other pharmacy products. The company cooperates only with trusted pharmacy chains to guarantee the high quality of the goods that users purchase.

Unlike many other drugs, Concor on the Utec website cannot be bought with delivery in any city. This is due to the fact that the drug is dispensed by prescription. Therefore, before picking up the order, the buyer must provide the pharmacist with a prescription. Therefore, in this case, only pickup is available. But, and this is also convenient, because the user can order the drug at a pharmacy that is close to home, to work, or on the way somewhere. He can choose the required number of packages, dosage and other parameters. The history of purchases is saved in the personal account. Therefore, when the medicines run out, the order can be duplicated, having previously edited it, if necessary.

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