Jun 5, 2022
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How to narrow the pores on the face, on the nose? products for enlarged pores and facial cleansing

How to narrow the pores on the face, on the nose?  products for enlarged pores and facial cleansing

Skin with enlarged pores looks uneven, loose, even painful. That is why, for a better appearance, skin pores are narrowed in various ways, and first of all, it is necessary to deal with the causes of enlarged pores. Most often, enlarged pores are on the nose and on the chin, in other cases it is of a single nature.

The main problem of skin with enlarged pores is like a vicious circle. The larger the pore, the more likely it is to become clogged with sebum, and such a blockage further expands the pore. And the question begins to torment how to narrow the pores on the face in such a way that it does not harm the skin.

Cleansing skin with enlarged pores

Of course, the skin must be thoroughly cleansed. Every day we use decorative cosmetics, which, in turn, contribute to the aggravation of the problem. Persistent cosmetics are especially dangerous from this point of view. Foundation that does not smudge, waterproof eye shadow, long-lasting lipstick – all this keeps on the skin perfectly, the more important it is to remove makeup on time.

To remove makeup, it is better to use not soap, but special milk or serum, while a separate set of makeup removers is intended for persistent cosmetics. Usually these are two-phase products with an oily component that need to be shaken before use. masks for narrowing

With enlarged pores of the skin of the face, you need to carefully use scrubs, treat the skin with soft circular movements and rinse thoroughly. Small exfoliating particles should be completely removed.

Use special face masks. They fall into two categories: peel-off masks and exfoliating masks. The film mask is extremely easy to use – it is applied to the face, including the back and wings of the nose, and after drying, it is simply removed like a film. It is worth noting that it is possible to talk while the film mask is solidifying, but without active articulation. There is a feeling of constriction of the skin of the face, but then the skin feels renewed, the pores narrow.

A similar effect in gently exfoliating masks, which include fruit acids. They delicately exfoliate the top layer of the skin, soften the impurities accumulated in the enlarged pores of the skin, after such a mask they are easy to remove.

Means for narrowing pores and improving skin tone

As a means of narrowing the pores of the skin, a mask-film is successfully used, but there is a way to enhance its effect. To do this, you need to use cosmetics in the complex. For example, after using the mask, a tonic is applied to the skin, which helps to activate metabolic processes, saturates the skin with energy. A variety of serums for the skin are designed to increase its elasticity, while not clogging the pores.

Products for skin with enlarged pores are specially made so as not to aggravate the problem. The light texture does not clog pores, while the active substances penetrate deep into the skin to increase its tone and make it smoother.

Powder masks have a healing effect, which are made specifically to make the pores as invisible as possible. Such a mask is used after cleansing the face, it perfectly soothes the skin, quickly eliminates redness and directly affects the pores of the skin, which, after cleaning, most effectively perceive all cosmetic procedures.

Almost any powder mask for enlarged pores is used in the same way. A thick mass is generously applied to the face after cleansing and professional facial cleansing. Do not forget that the mask is not applied to the skin around the eyes and lips! The mask is left until completely dry, and then gently shaken off with a cotton swab from the face. As a result, a thin layer, similar to light powder, remains on the skin. It is advisable to use this mask in the evening, when you are no longer going to leave the house, because you should not wash it off earlier than after two hours.

How to narrow the pores on the face with ice?

If you wipe the skin daily with an ice cube, it not only tones and refreshes the skin, but also tightens pores, prevents the appearance of fine wrinkles and simply uplifts and invigorates. And if you prepare ice cubes from purified water with decoctions of medicinal herbs, then the usefulness of such a procedure increases significantly.

Ice cubes made of mineral water are also suitable for narrowing pores, it is even worth completing an ice tonic massage with a decoction of medicinal herbs with a few movements of the mineral cube.

A more noticeable effect is observed if contrasting temperatures are used. For example, get used to wiping your face with an ice cube after a steam bath. It should be borne in mind that there are contraindications. If the vessels are located close to the skin, then you should not experiment with temperature changes.

Decorative cosmetics against enlarged skin pores!

Can decorative cosmetics be therapeutic or at least not harmful? With reasonable and proper use – even as it can. To get started, make it a rule to apply a light-textured moisturizer under your makeup. It will give the skin elasticity, supply it with moisture, as a result, enlarged pores narrow somewhat, and when applying makeup, you will not bring blush, foundation or powder into the pores. Cosmetics will lie more evenly, be removed more easily, and at the same time protect the skin from negative external factors – dust, urban smog.

If you use powder, be sure to get into the good habit of regularly rinsing your powder puff, sponge, or powder brush properly. As you remember, enlarged pores clog even more if they are allowed to become clogged, and a powder puff after a week of use is extremely far from ideal.

In especially serious cases, when the listed remedies do not help, and the situation gets worse and worse, you need to consider the possibility of an alternative and more radical way to fix the problem. This is a resurfacing of the face, which is carried out in cosmetology clinics. The main thing – do not give up, you will succeed!

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