Feb 19, 2021
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How to make white chocolate dessert

How to make white chocolate dessert

Everyone has moments when there is neither strength nor inspiration for absolutely nothing. You’ve probably experienced them too, haven’t you? Personally, in such situations, I save myself with something sweet.

It is clear that you cannot just seize your problems and hope that everything will somehow turn out by itself. But sometimes you need to allow yourself to relax and pamper yourself with, for example, a delicious dessert.

We will tell you a very simple recipe according to which you can make an amazing dessert with condensed milk called “fudge”. The chocolate-cream extravaganza of its taste is able to bring out any of the prolonged despondency and give strength to perform new feats!


  • 350 g white chocolate
  • 380 g of condensed milk
  • a pinch of salt
  • 10 g butter
  • 2 tbsp. l. candied fruits
  • 2 pinches of cardamom
  • 2 st. l. Funduka


First, pour the condensed milk into a heat-resistant bowl and add the pieces of white chocolate to it.

Then melt everything in a water bath, stirring until the lumps disappear and add salt and cardamom.
As soon as you achieve the desired consistency, remove the bowl from heat and add chopped hazelnuts, candied fruits and cranberries.

Mix everything well and then you can pour the mass into a mold. By the way, the form must first be covered with a film and greased with butter.

Wait for the mixture to cool and refrigerate for 4 hours. Then soak a knife in water and cut the dessert into portions.

Well, just admire this beauty! The mood rises from just the sight, and if you try, the day will sparkle with new colors!

And we are not at all saying that you cannot sometimes afford to be sad. Just let even your sadness be calm and pleasant – like when you dream of something distant, eat your favorite sweets and watch soulful films. And we will always be there to inspire and support you with new recipes and fresh ideas.

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