Oct 26, 2021
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How to make thin hair visually thicker

How to make thin hair visually thicker

Fine hair needs special care and styling. They differ not only in their thin diameter, but also in a different structure: fluffy, porous, wavy. Each individual case requires a special approach to styling

Add density

If you want to make your hair more voluminous and thicker, so that it looks thicker, use shampoos and conditioners with the phyloxan molecule. For example, in the Volume Injection range, Redken contains such a molecule.

It penetrates into the hair structure, and upon contact with water, it transforms from a liquid into a dense substance, which increases the diameter of the hair, making it denser.
All products from the range for fine hair in all brands operate approximately according to this principle: they contain substances that envelop the hair and it becomes thicker.

Do you need masks

Fine hair consists of 40% cortex and 60% cuticular layer. Most of it is the cuticle.

Therefore, thin hair can be easily oversaturated with masks, but this does not mean that masks cannot be applied at all. Everything should be in moderation.

The use of nourishing masks can be reduced to 1 application per week. Do not use masks, conditioners, or balms on your scalp.

Individual selection of care

Thus, you select the individual care for your hair. Dry hair needs nourishment (oil), damaged hair also needs protein.

Curly hair requires disciplining ingredients to help remove frizz and define curl.

Correct styling

Styling for thin hair is also selected individually. Here you need to pay attention to the length and lifestyle. For thin hair, you can choose a styling-curls (romantic and light silhouette).

If the hair is curly, you can add texture with styling. For example, sea salt in the composition will make hair textured, thicker and accentuate natural curls.

You can also use plaits and voluminous braids, braiding them overnight. In the morning they will curl themselves in a very beautiful wave.

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