Dec 27, 2020
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How to make khe from fresh fish in Korean

A spicy fresh fish appetizer will perfectly fit into any menu, be it a modest lean table or a hearty festive feast. It looks very appetizing, it is easy to prepare, it is pickled quickly. After a couple of hours, you can already put it on the table. Or prepare heh from fresh fish in advance and store in the refrigerator until serving. Pieces of fish, complemented by thin onion strips, are quickly saturated with rich marinade and become delicious. The abundance of spices and seasonings does not in any way drown out the natural taste of fish, and soy sauce successfully complements the main components of the snack. When cutting a fish carcass, it is recommended to pay attention to the condition of the pulp – it should be elastic, of an even color.

How to make khe from fresh fish in Korean


  • gutted fresh fish (mackerel) – 1 pc,
  • lettuce onions – 1 large head,
  • Korean seasoning – 1 tbsp l,
  • vinegar 9% strength – 3 tbsp. l,
  • refined vegetable oil – 50 ml,
  • salt – 4 pinches,
  • sugar – 2 pinches
  • soy sauce – 2 tbsp l.

Ingredients for Korean Fresh Fish He

Korean-style fresh fish khe, step by step recipe

A fish carcass for a snack needs not only to be peeled, but also milled. We will not remove the skin. We make an incision along the back, cut off the fins. Trimming the flesh little by little, unfold the fish like a book.

Fish carcass with a ridge

We take out the ridge with large bones, select the small ones with tweezers. One fish will make two dense, resilient fillets. We rinse the fillets, dry them.

Fish carcass without a ridge

Cut the onion in half. We chop each half along or across with thin strips.

Chop the onion along or across in thin strips

Cut the fish fillet into medium-sized strips 2-3 cm wide.

Cut the fish fillet into medium-sized strips

Pour vinegar into a spoonful, pour the fish pieces evenly. We mix.
Season the fish with ready-made Korean seasoning, salt and sugar.

Season the fish with ready-made Korean seasoning

Pour in unsalted soy sauce and unflavored vegetable oil. Lightly massaging the fish with your hands, mix.

Pour in unsalted soy sauce and vegetable oil

Add the onion a little and also knead it, so that it gives out the juice faster and is soaked in the marinade. Add the onion slices to the fish.

Add a little onion and knead it too

Gently mix everything again. We tighten the container with fish with cling film and leave to marinate for an hour. Then we rearrange it in the refrigerator in the same form and keep it for at least two hours. It is advisable to stir it a couple of times. During this time, the slicing will take in the marinade, the fish will turn out to be juicy, slightly spicy.

We tighten the container with fish with cling film

Korean-style fresh fish heh can be served at the table. After putting the appetizer on a dish, add strips of pickled onion, sprinkle with rings of leek or green onions and slices of hot pepper. A dash of vegetable oil will give the appetizer a delicious gloss and a presentable look.

Heh from fresh fish in Korean can be served to the table

Bon Appetit!

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