Aug 10, 2022
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How to make friends with healthy food?

How to make friends with healthy food?

Food is the main part of life, we absolutely cannot live without it! But with so many temptations around, it’s easy to succumb to the bad eating habits and lifestyles that the media or environment imposes on us. Fortunately, you have a chance to improve your relationship with food by following these six steps.

1. Diversify your diet

Diversify the food on your table. This is the most effective way to reward yourself for a balanced healthy diet. Combine vegetables, proteins, and healthy carbs like brown rice. The variety of food is pleasing to the eye and delights.

2. Don’t Focus on Meat

Make meat the second course. Experts recommend eating at least half a serving of vegetables as a side dish. Choose nutritious options: lean chicken, turkey, and fish

3. Have fun

The secret to loving fruits and vegetables is learning to enjoy them. Invent and indulge in fruit smoothies or frozen desserts on a stick. Why not make banana ice cream, mini quiches or veggie fries?

4. Don’t eat your feelings

Emotional attachment to nutrition disrupts the proper functioning of the regimen. Try to avoid fixing your feelings with food, do not seize either stress or joy. There are healthier ways to relieve stress, such as yoga or spending time with friends.

5. Focus

Eating is a whole ritual, performing which in front of a computer, TV or smartphone, you destroy all the magic. You will definitely eat more and risk gaining weight. Turn off all those screens and enjoy your food!

6. Don’t Overeat

Try to eat only 80 percent. Be patient, after 20 minutes you will probably feel completely full. It is best to save the rest of the portion until the next time.

Do not try to do everything described at once. Be patient with yourself. Adapt them one by one, give yourself time to get used to and enjoy.

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