Nov 6, 2021
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How to make curls last longer: life hacks for hair

How to make curls last longer: life hacks for hair

Read beauty advice for beautiful curls in our article.

Many girls love beautiful bouncy curls, and they love it even more when curls last all day, and not a couple of hours.

1. Style only clean hair

For curled hair to hold well, it must either be freshly washed or completely clean. Styling done on the second or third day will not refresh them. Everything is simple here: if you apply styling on the day you wash your hair, it will maximize its properties, if used on the second or third day, it will mix with the dirt that has already appeared on the hair, which will negatively affect its properties.

2. Choose a styling: it is different for tongs and hair dryer.

Decide on the texture you want to create. Some types of styling are used for laying on thermal tools, and others on the diffuser, some products simply stick to thermal tools, complicating styling. An illiterate styling product can significantly reduce the durability of the result.

3. Monitor the temperature

If using heat tools, make sure the strand is heated evenly. At high temperatures, hydrogen bonds in the hair are destroyed, and when cooled down, they are restored again, keeping the resulting shape.

If the hair is heated unevenly, then the curl will be less intense in cold areas. Do not rush to comb the resulting curls until they cool completely.

4. Protect curls from moisture

Be sure to fix your hairstyle with varnish, it forms a protective layer of polymers on the hair, which will protect it from humid air. Ideally, choose polishes with an anti-freeze effect, and if you like a more free moving hairstyle, choose polishes with a weak degree of hold.

5. Master these cheat techniques

Decide on a thermal tool and a wrapping technique. The larger the diameter of the curling iron, the less expressive the curl will be:

  • 19-25 mm will give bouncy curls;
  • 32-40 mm – larger waves;
  • 9-16 mm forms a fine, afro-like curl.

If styling on a straightener, the degree of reversal will play a key role in the elasticity of the curl:

  • when turning 90 °, a very light wave is obtained;
  • an elastic curl is formed by 180 °;
  • 360 ° creates an intense curl.

6. If you curl often, consider chemistry.

Leave stereotypes aside! We are not in the eighties when the perm looked like a nest or a beehive. With current formulations and wrapping techniques, you can achieve very beautiful and soft waves that look quite natural.

7. Feed your curls

If you have naturally curly or artificially curled hair, take care of it properly. It should not heavily weigh the hair, but at the same time it is obliged to nourish and protect against frizz.

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