Aug 23, 2022
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How to make a man keep his promises?

How to make a man keep his promises?

It’s no secret that all men are different, but they all have something that unites them. All of them at least once made promises, but they were never fulfilled. And it is not known whether they did it on purpose or not.

You can give many such examples: let’s say a man promised to go somewhere with you, but never did. And it is very difficult to determine why he does this, perhaps he just forgot. And it also happens that he just thinks about something more serious. And such insignificant matters as promises he could simply push aside.

But even if a loved one did not fulfill what he promised you, this does not mean that he is bad. And in no case should you think that he can no longer be trusted. Although sometimes it happens that a man has simply become in the habit of making promises to you and not keeping them. Yes, this also happens. But this is still an extreme, not an axiom.

The most interesting thing about this is that many men value punctuality, loyalty, and consistency in women. And at the same time, they themselves often act like “diplomats”, they say: “Yes, yes, dear, I will do it,” and after 20 minutes they forget about their promise.

And yet, is it possible to fight this phenomenon of non-fulfillment of promises and how to do it?

It turns out that there are many working methods for this.

First, I must say that it is better not to make empty promises. Otherwise, you will begin to consider him a liar and a deceiver. Tell him that it can seriously offend you. A person who loves and respects you should understand this. And don’t do it again.

Of course, you can do like him, just give him a promise, but not fulfill it yourself, let him feel at least once what you feel. You can promise him anything, for example, a romantic candlelit dinner, but don’t do it yourself, let him understand this, let him stay in your place at least once.

Do not call him a liar and a deceiver too often. This can only lead to conflict.

But most importantly, in this situation, one must remember one thing, if a man makes a promise to you, but does not fulfill it himself, in no case should you run to sorcerers and magicians. Do not be suspicious, this is not the evil eye and damage, but simply a misunderstanding of the needs and interests of each other. Rather, here you may need a consultation with a family psychologist, which you should certainly go with your loved one.

Well, of course, look for a compromise, and you will definitely find it!

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