Aug 25, 2022
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How to make a flaxseed face mask

How to make a flaxseed face mask

Undoubtedly, some of the best beauty tricks that exist for women are homemade masks. In addition to being super economical, they are also affordable for all people; even many of the ingredients we need can be found in our home.

The use of masks is always based on a natural ingredient that gives us very good benefits. In this case, it will be a flaxseed mask that helps us in the treatment of psoriasis, eczema, signs of aging, skin irritation, redness and tissue swelling.


  • third cup of boiling water
  • one tablespoon of flax seeds.


Place water in a bowl and then flax seeds, mix for a few minutes, cover the preparation with a napkin or cloth and let stand.

Before applying, strain the mixture and use the remaining liquid, which will have a thick and viscous consistency because flaxseeds lose their soluble fibers on contact with water.

How to use:

  1. Cleanse your face and neck.
  2. Apply the mask with cotton over the entire skin, including the area around the eyes.
  3. Repeat the procedure after the mask dries, do this 5 times in a row. It is advisable not to talk or laugh during the action of the product.
  4. After 20 minutes, wash off the mask with plenty of water at room temperature.
  5. Apply a regular nourishing cream.
  6. For best results, follow the treatment for 12 consecutive days.

Benefits of Flax Seeds

  • Due to its richness in plant fibers, flaxseed is an excellent grain to include in weight loss diets. It acts not only as an aid to constipation, but also helps to control excess weight and regulate appetite.
  • The soluble fibers of flaxseed prevent the accumulation of cholesterol in the blood, making it easier to eliminate it naturally.
  • Prevents various inflammatory diseases, thanks to linolenic acid, it is very good at preventing all types of inflammation.
  • Prevents the formation of blood clots in veins and arteries.
  • Progressive increase in vitality and energy.
  • Provides a sense of calm, which is helpful in reducing stress levels and softens hair and skin, indicating problems such as psoriasis and eczema.

Interesting Facts

Recent studies confirm that flaxseed oil is a natural aphrodisiac.

Flax seed contains 27 anti-cancer compounds, one of which is lignin. Flax seeds contain 100 times more than the best whole grains. No other vegetable known so far matches these properties. It is a protector against the formation of tumors.

Flaxseed is an excellent source of vitamins, mainly for the B group (including vitamin B9 or folic acid), but also contains vitamins C and E, which are ideal antioxidants to fight free radicals, meaning they even help reduce the effects of the natural aging process.

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