Feb 16, 2021
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How to maintain rapport between spouses

How to maintain rapport between spouses

According to our editorial staff, nothing can justify treason. However, it is worthwhile to understand what exactly prompts the formerly faithful husbands to change their principles so radically.

Today we have collected ten attractive qualities that men appreciate in their mistresses. These qualities, like magnets, attract the attention of men and are the answer to the question “Why does a man want to cheat on his wife?”

Perhaps you can take note of some of these qualities and thus improve your relationship.

Emotionality and sincerity

Every man wants to please his woman. However, we don’t just want to make our loved ones happy. We want to see their sincere reaction to our good deeds. It is she who is so important for maintaining the self-esteem of any man.


It is more pleasant for a man to be next to a confident woman without complexes. Women often grossly exaggerate their faults for flirtation or fear. However, this does not always work for men exactly as the woman plans.

Too frequent complaints about your own appearance or excuses will greatly annoy anyone, and not only your husband.


A kind word and a cat is pleased. Do not forget to praise your husband and do it even for small gifts or just attention. How often it happens that we simply do not notice all that our loved ones do for us.

Even more often, we forget how much effort and time a person spent to make us feel good. Be attentive and do not scold your husband for no reason, try to treat with understanding his point of view.


Any man wants to be a hero for his woman. Give him the opportunity to prove himself by surrounding you with warmth, care and safety. Forget the legendary phrase about stopped horses and burning huts! Even if you are strong and independent, however, let your husband at least occasionally feel like your savior and a prince who always comes to the rescue.

Readiness and intelligence

How nice it is when you have something to talk to a person about. It’s great to discuss your favorite book and listen to a different point of view, especially when it’s interesting and extraordinary. Try to inquire about what your husband is fond of. Perhaps it is this common ground that will make you really close?


Monotony and routine can kill any relationship, even the strongest. However, it is very difficult at times to bring something unusual into family life when you are both constantly at work and busy. Try to be different from time to time yourself!

Do not be afraid to be sometimes playful, and sometimes, maybe, a little bitchy, within reasonable limits. It can spark your relationship.

Love games

Many men just desperately need to try experimenting in bed. And it’s not a fact that he really likes it. However, if you show a little initiative and show your willingness to experiment, he will definitely appreciate it!


Love lives for three years, as they say. In fact, it is not love that lives for three years, but falling in love. However, it is very easy to revive it! Go on a couple of dates pretending you just met. Take a romantic trip whenever possible. Fresh emotions and impressions can greatly enliven a long relationship.


So sometimes everything in life gets boring and you want to try something new! It is the same with people. Relationships are boring, no spark or passion is felt. In this case, a change of image will help. Have you always dreamed of piercing but never dared? This is the perfect time to get your belly button pierced or tattooed.

Such exotic things turn on many men.


It’s no secret that people often run themselves off when they enter into long-term family relationships. This applies to both men and women. But no matter what your loved one says, it will be much more pleasant for him to see a healthy and attractive soul mate next to him.

All of these tips are only relevant if you truly love each other and want to keep your relationship alive. It is these recommendations that will help explain to you why your husband is cheating, but does not leave. Try to follow some of them, and you will see that your man will look at you with completely different eyes!

It also happens that some men are simply not ready for a serious relationship and this is the main reason for your quarrels and partings with him.

One of the reasons for the breakdown in stable relationships may be the appearance of a child. In this case, our editorial staff can give you some effective advice.

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