Feb 17, 2021
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How to maintain a romantic mood into adulthood

How to maintain a romantic mood into adulthood

A woman changes with age, her outlook on life and on relationships with the opposite sex also changes.

It is believed that a woman has three ages. Entering the third, she becomes indifferent to men. Let’s talk about this in more detail.

Growing age

From youth to 25-30 years. The girl is just learning to be a woman. She is naive, shortsighted, sometimes frivolous.

Many women during this period do not fully realize their attractiveness or do not know how to express it. The complexes brought into adulthood from childhood collide with reality and are slowly eradicated.

This is the period of the formation of a woman. She is in no hurry to get married, and if she gets out, she does not treat marriage as something fatal. If a divorce happens, then it is not very hard going through, and new relationships follow.

Maturity age

From 30 to 50. A woman knows what she wants and goes to her goal, not exchanging for trifles. She is pursuing a career or family, or both.
She feels like the owner of her life and her body. The woman already knows the limits of her attractiveness. That is, he perceives himself as a holistic image with pluses and minuses. And she knows that she is desirable only because she is a woman.

During this period, a woman thinks more about the consequences of her actions and turns of fate. Breaking up with a loved one can lead her to depression due to the uncertainty of the future. She wonders if she can find personal happiness again.

Aging age

These are women aged 50 and over. During this period, a woman is still interested in relationships, but they acquire a slightly different meaning for her. She seeks support and understanding, but gradually forgets about passion.

This is largely due to physiology: a woman is going through menopause, the level of hormones decreases. That is why men, whose understanding of relationships is reduced to the presence of a violent physical attraction, look less towards older women.

Those men who understand relationships as a union still adequately perceive their peers and see them attractive and interesting.

As they approach old age, women aged 50 and older, as well as men, are afraid to be left alone. They need a live person next to them, with whom they can at least talk. At this age, they rarely get divorced. We wrote about the pros and cons of a pre-retirement marriage in a separate article.

The attractiveness of a woman depends not only on age, but also on other factors. Women of the same age can radiate completely different energies and be perceived by men in completely different ways.

Psychologists have proven that a woman becomes more seductive after the birth of her first child, strong disappointment, meeting with her man, after accepting herself and many other factors.

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