May 15, 2020
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How to love your age

Learning to live in harmony with age is easy, just see the positive aspects in it, and there are many of them.

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At first we dream to grow up sooner, then - to be young longer, then - so that old age is not in a hurry to advance. It seems that we are never comfortable at our age, especially in mature. Is it realistic to love age and stop being afraid of old age?

What is old age? Everyone perceives its offensive in different ways. According to a VTsIOM survey, a third of Russians believe that she comes to 49 - 54 years, the other third indicates period from 58 to 63 years, 4% of respondents attributed to old age 34 - 34 years, and at 1% it starts earlier 34. As a result, the middle line of the onset of what many are afraid of is 59 . So hurry ahead of time to record yourself in the elderly and worry not worth it. In addition, any age has its positive aspects.

5 reasons to love your age

1. You have an opinion

With age, complexes tend to go away. It doesn’t matter who thinks about you. In the same way, you already have your own clear opinion on everything and are not afraid to express it. Over time, emotional intelligence develops, thanks to it we can identify those people who are really close to us and whose opinion is really valuable.

Indeed, developed emotional intelligence helps us survive current problems with greater emotional stability and a healthy assessment, which cannot but contribute to the establishment of strong and reliable connections with people around us.

2. You become happier

Awareness of this comes with experience. You’re not in a hurry anywhere, realizing that sooner or later everything will be in time. With age, you become less susceptible to stress, it is more difficult to unbalance you. Try to recall cases that you considered a disaster a few years ago and think about how you would treat them today.

You notice the beauty in the little things, there is no longer any need to conquer illusory goals, you feel good. Although if you still have unrealizable dreams, no one forbids them to be realized.

And you also understand that what makes you happier does not cost any money.

Reassessment of past life is the main feature of aging.

3. You do more with yourself

Как полюбить свой возраст: почему стареть - это не страшно

You think about your health and how you look. Doing more consciously sports . Or just starting to do this, realizing that you need to keep yourself in good shape. Moreover, you choose what is ideal for you in all respects, without bumping into everything. You begin to understand that what is more important is not clothing and makeup, but personal care. However, with age you are already much better versed in what suits you and what makeup emphasizes your merits.

With age, human values ​​are changing rapidly. If earlier it was more important to build a career, raise children, make a spectacular impression on people around you, then this trend is being replaced by a careful attitude to oneself and self-knowledge.

4. Your sex life is becoming more interesting

All thanks to experience. You know your body, you are sure that you need. And you know how to have fun. In addition, you no longer have problems with self-esteem. Of course, this cannot but be appreciated. men .

Relations with age also become stronger, calmer, more stable.

This happens if you have learned to build reliable proximity with the opposite sex, to talk about your own needs and not be shy to focus on your pleasure.

5. You know how to control your emotions

Do not shout in vain, do not shed tears because of trifles and do not argue pointlessly, because you understand that obsession with a problem will not lead to anything.

The development of emotional intelligence contributes to the ability to control your affective sphere.

How to learn to accept yourself

1. Try to see the pros

The number in the passport is not as bad as your internal conflict. Do not think about stereotypes, about who, what, and at what age should do. The main fear of age is precisely the inability to follow generally accepted rules. But this does not need to be done.

Also, do not be afraid that on some of your birthdays you will suddenly fall sick and trouble. There is no and will not be a specific date for old age, and life does not end with retirement.

Fear of aging is, first of all, the fear of death. If you are surrounded by people with whom you have built a reliable attachment, if you do not feel regret when looking back at previous life stages, then the fear of aging will soon disappear.

2. Realize your uniqueness

Do not compare yourself with peers. Do not think about what your parents did in your years. Understand that you are a full-fledged personality with your desires and your road to the goal. Age is an experience that gives a lot of advantages over those who do not already have it.

Do not forget that there are no similar people, and the experience of one person can never be a repetition of the experience of another. We are surrounded by individuals.

3. Accept yourself real

Как полюбить свой возраст: почему стареть - это не страшно

Do not cling to the age at which you liked yourself the most or at which you want to stay. This is dangerous because you unknowingly copy the behavior model of this period. Start by honestly answering questions about how old you are and put the correct number of candles on the cake (blowing them out, think about how beautiful you have yet to come).

Getting stuck at a certain stage in life is an important and dangerous moment. So you could not survive the events and feelings of that age. Answer yourself, why is that age stage so good? Why is it hard for you to let him go? What is there in him that is not now?

4. Fulfill your dreams

Age is not a reason to close at home. On the contrary, over the years it is easier to find time for what you dreamed about. Go travel, enroll in courses, find yourself a hobby. Sometimes it can turn into a favorite job and a successful business. Remember all your desires and do not be afraid to realize them. Start small, it will be much easier further.

This is true: the house is built, the tree is planted, the children have grown. The stage has come when you need to devote all your time and care to yourself.

5. Keep a success diary

To learn how to enjoy every day, no matter how old you are, keep a diary. Write in it all the positive events that happened to you, and all thoughts and feelings. Over time, you will understand in which direction your life is moving, and you may want to change something in it. Or, on the contrary, you realize that everything is more beautiful than you thought.

This method is in cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy. A self-observation journal or success diary promotes the development of self-reflection and the construction of a happy, conscious life.

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