Jul 31, 2020
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How to lose weight by the summer Ivlieva, Fadeev, Lazarev, Krylov and Popov

Fat during the isolation of celebrity had reached a weight loss and not everyone wants to share secrets of weight loss.

Russian celebrities come to grips with improving their appearance; the image - Vladtime
Russian celebrities come to grips with improving their appearance; the image - Vladtime

Coronavirus has left an imprint not only on the economy but on the power of people. In the period of forced isolation, many have begun to rapidly gain weight, seizing panic, and boredom. Stars also forgot about the diet. However, there are heroes who used the time to good use — already brought up, and shared recipes weight loss. So how do you lose weight by the summer of 2020 Ivlieva, Fadeev, Lazarev, Krylov and Popov?

As the lost Anastasia Ivlieva

The famous blonde for the quarantine period I gained 10 extra pounds, but successfully got rid of them. Prescription weight loss blogger is simple — proper nutrition. Its diet was dominated by vegetables and fish: lettuce, tomato, corn, tuna. These products Ivlieva ate when she wanted something to eat.

And also for weight loss Anastasia refused to late-night dinners. Occasionally she allows herself to break the diet and eat for the night. However, it is not advised to do so to those who is at the initial stage of the struggle with the fullness and dieting.

How thin Maxim Fadeev

The producer managed to achieve an impressive result — postroynet almost 100 pounds. He says that he helped not diet, and special exercises and a simple life hack for weight loss. Morning, noon and evening before meals Fadeev drank 600 ml of hot water. According to Maxim, then he could eat only a few spoons of food is no longer wanted.

It is known that Fadeev has repeatedly appealed to the experts for help in choosing diet. However, menus for weight loss he keeps in a strict secret. He said only that tries to avoid the heat of food processing.

Some fans believe that it is not nutrition and diet — simply the producer of the surgically reduced stomach. But the information about such a radical method of weight loss does not been confirmed.

How thin Sergey Krylov

Fat singer got rid of 20 extra pounds through exercise. In order to lose weight Sergey daily walks at least 10 miles and trying to sleep well. About his diet fans is not known. However, without dietary restrictions is clearly not done.

How thin Sergey Lazarev

The singer admitted that at the beginning of the quarantine ceased to follow the diet and gaining weight, but quickly took itself in hands and lost 8 pounds. The secret of Sergei simple — a reasonable diet and physical activity. Lazarev zealous with training, preferring running and healthy eating.

How thin Roman Popov

Star of TV series "Police with the ruble" a year ago has turned to experts for help in losing weight. Thanks to diet, nutrition and exercise, the man managed to get rid of 40 extra pounds.

In the Novel a leg injury, so he avoids the serious physical exercise. The coaches selected him a set of exercises for weight loss, consisting of stretching and walking.

Because of the quarantine actor was left without filming, so regularly showed the family culinary skills. Summary — plus 10 pounds. Now the priests again adjusted the food, trying to lose and keep the result.

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