Feb 21, 2021
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How to look well-groomed

How to look well-groomed

You can spend a fortune on yourself and still look funny. And you can follow some principles (avoid the accumulation of unnecessary things, reasonably approach makeup and personal care, be attentive and keep your mood in good shape) and look elegant, stylish and expensive.

Speaking about the image, the image specialist always shares the concepts of “fashionable”, “stylish”, “beautiful”, “expensive”. These characteristics can combine harmoniously or contradict each other.

Today we decided to come to the rescue of all beautiful ladies and prepared tips and life hacks that will help you make your image stylish and expensive in a European way. And finances do not play a decisive role in this matter!

How to look well-groomed

Hands are the first thing every woman should pay attention to on the way to perfection. Remember rule number one – get your hands in order! It is by the well-groomed nails and skin that you can determine who is in front of you: a real lady to your fingertips or an ordinary peasant woman wearing fashionable things.

In your image, try to adhere to a uniform color in clothes. This means that the color you choose should be in priority, and everything else is just an additional play with shades. A variety of textures will also add sophistication. Know: the more elegant and simpler you are dressed, the more gorgeous you look!

A simple cut plus good fabric can visually make even a bright thing look sophisticated, and not just white, black or beige. Clean lines always look more expensive! Therefore, both in clothes and in accessories, let there be more geometric shapes than layered, soft lines.

In your looks, try to use jewelry with character. Those that will reflect your personality and uniqueness.

Of course, expensive jewelry is still in demand, nevertheless, high-quality and original jewelry is valued in modern society. The key to a luxurious look is a small amount of interesting jewelry.

Any woman knows that one of the most important items in the image is an expensive bag, which must necessarily match the wardrobe. Do not save on bags – do not buy them in shops near the house, where they are cheaper.

If the salary does not allow, it is better to take 1 bag, but let it look expensive. It should fit any image you create. It is better to choose models of smooth leather, preferably geometric. And, of course, with a minimum of detail!

Don’t chase pseudo trends. Don’t buy a lot of mass-market clothing. Sometimes you should deny yourself the purchase of 3 jeans or skirts from the category – “so-so, but it will do for every day”, having bought for this money even one, but a cool branded thing that will last much longer.
The main rule: buy only what is really worth it!

Cosmetics are one of the ways to highlight the advantages and hide imperfections of the skin. You need to use cosmetics only in compliance with this rule and, of course, to a minimum, and not in 3 layers of plaster.

And don’t forget about the perfume! Choose delicate and refined scents – refined, not cloying, focusing on your own preferences, not on advertising. Then they will be perfect for you. And it’s better not to save on perfume!

Perhaps one of the most expensive looking things is the classics. Combines with everything, goes with everything too. And there are models for any figure!

Even beautiful, but simply loose hair is far from a sign of an expensive image. The hairstyle should look like you jumped out of the beauty salon 5 minutes ago and ran on business.

Start every day with styling. And don’t forget about hair care! The “dear” woman’s hair is always in a gorgeous condition, shining with a healthy shine, beautifully styled.

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