Jan 2, 2022
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How to look good always without makeup

How to look good always without makeup

How to look beautiful without makeup, even with problem skin, read the tips with which we will acquaint our readers in this article.

The bulk of the fair sex simply cannot do without decorative cosmetics, moreover, many simply do not go out without make-up, which cannot be called the right decision.

All girls, especially at a young age, start using decorative cosmetics already at school, at about 12 years old. First of all, they must understand that the skin of the face periodically needs to breathe, and just “rest”.

Is it possible to look attractive without makeup

Even absolutely colorless decorative cosmetics in a modern nude style are not considered harmless, since the execution of such makeup requires the simplest, but necessary decorative means:

  • tone cream;
  • powder;
  • Mascara.

And the use of these products clogs the pores of the skin and does not allow it to rest. Therefore, first of all, you should get rid of false eyelashes, stop using bright lipsticks and shadows.

Of course, such a change cannot be ignored by others, but this step is mandatory and important for everyone, without exception.

All the fair sex needs to fall in love with their own natural beauty and get rid of the previously used decorative cosmetics.

And the dressing table should be replenished with quality care products, which you can buy in cosmetics stores:

  • face cleanser that will not dry out the skin. Excellent reviews are left by girls who used cosmetic milk, hydrophilic oil, micellar water;
  • since after cleansing the skin needs additional nourishment, you will need to buy a tonic that will not only refresh the skin of the face, but also eliminate the greasy shine. It is recommended to choose a toner without an alcohol base;
  • a moisturizing cream must necessarily be in a home cosmetic bag, but only one that will contain substances that are absolutely harmless and beneficial to the skin. A product based on hyaluronic acid, collagen and vitamin is ideal for moisturizing;
  • It is recommended to scrub the skin once a week in order to perform a deeper cleansing of the skin and remove dead cells. It is best to deep cleanse after exfoliation using harmless products and serum;
  • the skin of the face will be fresh and attractive if it is regularly nourished with masks that serve different purposes. Masks, both for moisturizing and for nutrition, can really be prepared at home, and examples of such compositions can be found at a convenient time for you by going to the Internet;
  • Serum from natural ingredients perfectly nourishes the skin. Experts recommend using a product based on water in the summer period of the year, and in winter to give preference to oil serums.

Having learned how to properly use the above means for daily care, you can easily look attractive to all girls and women without resorting to the use of decorative cosmetics.

You should drink from 1 to 1.5 liters of water daily, and you should give preference not to sweet or carbonated drinks, but to purified plain water.

Be sure to sleep well and get enough sleep. After all, if the sleep is sound, then you will not have to get rid of the circles under the eyes, since they will not appear.

Be sure to monitor your own diet. If the daily menu does not contain vitamin food, then soon the skin will acquire an unnatural grayish tint, lose its elasticity, acne will begin to appear on the surface; it is imperative to nourish your own body with vitamins and minerals so that natural beauty is nourished from within.

In order for the skin, hair and nails to be healthy, experts recommend daily eating foods rich in selenium, zinc and silicon, as well as vitamins A and B. Only such a diet will help in the fight against problem skin, give it freshness and attractiveness.

If you are overweight, you must definitely choose a suitable method for losing weight. This can be done without any special problems, since nutritionists offer a variety of diets based on different food products, and sports will help speed up the process of losing weight.

And since the human body cannot lose weight in separate parts, then after getting rid of extra pounds, it is easy to notice changes on the face and figure.

Rubbing the face with a slice of any citrus fruit will help to get rid of the oily sheen, and castor oil, which is rubbed into the roots of the eyelashes with massage movements, will help to give luster to the eyelashes.

Massage with a toothbrush will help to give a rich color to the lips, and after the procedure, it is recommended to moisturize the surface of the lips with a natural balm or coconut oil, which can be bought at any pharmacy.

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