Oct 31, 2021
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"How to live without pain?": Sedokova firmly decided to leave her young husband

Anna Sedokova and basketball player Janis Timma have been married for about a year. Fans are delighted with the couple, but in fact, not everything is so smooth.

The artist admitted that before she did not understand at all how to show off calf tenderness on social networks. In her opinion, all these “snot-drooling” about love were completely inappropriate, but everything changed when she met Janis Timma.

Anna Sedokova said that now she wants to shout about her happiness at every corner. True, despite the outward idyll, the couple, who got married last fall, periodically have conflicts. As it turned out, at first, the lovers even parted several times, and scandals were frequent.

For example, Anna Sedokova has already talked about one such episode. Once a drunken singer ran out of the club wearing only socks with the firm intention of leaving Janis Timma. Fortunately, the basketball player did not let his wife go.

In an interview with Russian Radio, the artist admitted that her husband is an incredibly jealous person, she does not even imagine how one can be such an owner. However, she has already come to terms with this feature.

“How to live without pain? It’s strange. And here they love you just like that – any. It’s difficult,” says Anna Sedokova.

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