Feb 21, 2021
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How to lighten hair at home

How to lighten hair at home

Hair coloring is a serious and responsible business. Especially when it comes to lightening from dark to light. And this happens quite often. Women are fickle creatures, burning brunettes want to turn into platinum blondes and vice versa.

We will tell you how to lighten at home. If you know all the nuances of this process, you can do it yourself, without wasting time and money on going to the salon.

First you need to choose a lightening product. It is undesirable to buy ready-made kits in household chemicals stores. They usually contain a high level of oxide, which we propose to regulate ourselves. With such a lightening set, you can spoil the hair structure, making it hard, porous and dry.

How to lighten hair

  1. Buy a professional dye with an oxidizing agent. If you are brunette or brown-haired, use nine percent oxide for the first lightening.
  2. If you are dark blond, then six percent.
  3. If light blond, three percent will be enough for you.
  4. The clarification procedure should be carried out at least three times with a break a week. For example, lightened from dark on nine percent oxide and look at the result. The color may take on an orange-copper tint. This is normal.
  5. After a week, do the same procedure on a lower oxidizer – six percent. Look at the result, the hair is likely to turn light yellow this time. After another week, bleach with 3% oxide to achieve a platinum blonde.
  6. How to lighten hair without harming the skin? Before lightening, apply a non-aqueous silicone leave-in product to the skin. If you have psoriasis, abrasions and wounds on your head, heal them first and then dye your hair. It’s not as bad if the paint gets on unprotected skin, as if it gets inside the body. Put gloves on your hands.
  7. After completing the safety procedures, thin the paint. Do everything according to the instructions that come with the paint. Read how to dilute your composition and how much to withstand on your head. This information may vary depending on the brand and manufacturer.
  8. Apply the product first to the roots of the hair, starting from the back of the head. Then along the entire length. After applying, put a shower cap on your head, wrap a towel on top.
  9. After the exposure time, rinse your hair with warm water.
  10. After each lightening, the next day, tint the strands to the resulting lightening tone. To neutralize yellowness, choose a tint with a purple, ash or pinkish tint, use a 1.5% oxidizer.
  11. Always use colored hair shampoo and conditioner. Such shampoos prevent paint from washing out, and balms strengthen curls. Also, use of moisturizing masks will not be superfluous. Since after dyeing the hair it often loses its ability to retain moisture at the same level.

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