Mar 31, 2021
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How to learn how to cook buckwheat porridge

How to learn how to cook buckwheat porridge

Buckwheat has become an integral part of a healthy diet. Healthy and affordable, it can still be delicious if cooked properly.

Buckwheat has one of the lowest glycemic indices among all cereals. It’s hard to get better with this porridge.

Buckwheat binds bad cholesterol and prevents it from being absorbed by the body.

It is rich in plant protein, which is essential for growth and development. And also amino acids – lysine and arginine, which are involved in building muscle tissue, support immunity and help reduce body fat.

Unlike other grains, buckwheat is gluten free. For those who are sensitive to gluten, this is a great product.

This cereal contains vitamins such as P, B1, B3, B5 and B6, which improve metabolism, participate in the synthesis of hemoglobin, have a beneficial effect on the condition of the skin, and accelerate skin healing. Buckwheat contains trace elements: magnesium, iron, phosphorus, and fiber.

It contains antioxidants that have anti-inflammatory properties. These flavonoids also strengthen blood vessels.

How to cook crumbly buckwheat in a saucepan

  1. Good porridge comes from good cereal. The groats should not be overcooked. That is, the lightest in color. You can even take green buckwheat. It should also be solid, not cut.
  2. Before cooking, the cereals must be rinsed several times.
  3. The ratio of water and cereals should be 2: 1. The water must be cold. Don’t forget to add some salt to it.
  4. Put a saucepan with water and buckwheat over medium heat. How much time to cook buckwheat? When it boils, turn down the heat, but do not turn it off until all the water has boiled away. To make the porridge crumbly, do not stir it while cooking.
  5. “You can’t spoil porridge with butter.” This saying also applies to buckwheat porridge. After cooking, it must be seasoned while still warm: butter, cream and herbs, olive oil with spices or a more complex and separately prepared frying.

Buckwheat is used to prepare not only porridge, but also many dishes. It is used as a filling for pies and pancakes. Buckwheat flour is also used. Recently, it has been added to the dough for the preparation of various bakery products.

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