Oct 12, 2021
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How to keep flowers at home

How to keep flowers at home

Here are some tips for keeping cut flowers

Many people love flowers. And every such lover wants them to please their eyes and at home. But, as you know, the plucked flowers, sooner or later, still wither. So how do you extend the life of such plants?

Here are some guidelines for preserving cut flowers.

How to cut flowers correctly

As you know, plants contain the greatest amount of moisture in the morning. So it is best to cut them off at this time. The accumulated moisture will prolong the life of the plant. And it is best to cut flowers at an angle to the stem with a sharp knife. A big plus for the plant will be if the procedure is carried out under water.

in unopened and well-developed buds, a rose is cut, and a carnation, on the contrary, in half-opened ones. At the stage of colored buds, lilies are cut, in half-opened – a carnation.

Everyone’s favorite dahlias, asters and marigolds are best cut when most of the petals have already blossomed. However, asters, like chrysanthemums, are best broken, not cut off, and when changing water, clean the ends of the branches with a stiff brush.

gladioli are best cut when the very first flower blooms.

Storage of flowers

After you have cut the plant, it should be placed in a vase of water. However, before you place your flowers in the vase, cut off the leaves and thorns of the roses from the bottom of the stems. And remember that flowers cannot be placed in a vase of cold or hot water. It is better if it is slightly warm or warmed to room temperature.

A lump of charcoal and one teaspoon of salt (per liter of water) will keep many of your flowers fresh for longer. However, the carnation and rose still prefer sugared water – for a carnation it is a 15% solution, and for a rose it is a 10% solution of sugar. Also for cloves, as well as for chrysanthemums and dahlias, it is useful to dissolve half an aspirin tablet in three liters of water.

Related Tips

  • never place the bouquet in the sun;
  • at night it will not be superfluous to sprinkle water on the bouquet and cover with a plastic bag;
  • in a weak solution of potassium permanganate, the branches of the shrubs stay fresh longer, and the buds will bloom faster if you add half a teaspoon of humphor (or ammonia) alcohol to one liter of water;
  • so that the plant absorbs moisture better, you can split the stem in several places, and insert matches in the crevices.
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