Mar 4, 2020
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How to keep breast youthful

Every woman knows the fact that the skin on the chest and décolleté is somewhat different from the skin of the face and the whole body as a whole. It is more subtle, delicate and prone to cosmetic defects. Striae (stretch marks) very often appear on the skin of the breast, it quickly loses its elasticity and youth, if not taken care of. Daily care will make your breast skin even more beautiful, and most importantly, it will help to maintain this beauty for many years. To do this, sometimes it’s enough to develop the habit of performing not complicated procedures.

First of all, a contrast shower refers to such procedures. Daily, alternately direct a stream of hot (but not boiling water) water, then cold to the chest area and decollete. A change in temperature stimulates the functioning of the circulatory system and an enhanced nutrition of the skin occurs, and the water jet acts as a massager, allowing the breast skin to maintain its elasticity.

Due to the lack of a large number of sebaceous glands, the skin on the chest is prone to dryness, which is why it simply needs to be constantly moisturized. In cosmetic stores, there are special breast creams with a high content of moisturizing components, and any face cream can be used to moisturize the skin of the breast. It is better to apply the cream immediately after a shower.

It is very useful to apply special nourishing masks to the skin of the chest as well as to the skin of the face. They will help to preserve the beauty of the skin, as well as protect against stretch marks, which may appear due to weight loss or weight gain, pregnancy and breastfeeding. Masks should be applied at least 1 or 2 times a week.

Another point that women often forget about is physical activity for the muscles of the chest. Performing special exercises for the chest, you will never know what sagging.

Here are some recipes for breast skin masks that you can apply at home.

All the masks listed below are superimposed on - 20 minutes.

1. Sour cream-curd mask for the chest

Dairy products can have excellent nutritional effects on the skin of the breast. We will need two ingredients - sour cream (not greasy) and cottage cheese. Mix them and apply to the skin, then rinse with plain water. And to lighten the skin of the breast, you can wipe the breast with milk serum.

2. Egg-yogurt mask

For dry and normal skin, a mask of yogurt and eggs is great. We mix one jar of yogurt (it should be only natural and without fillers) with a raw egg, and then apply this mixture to the skin of the chest and leave it for minutes 20. Wash off first with a cleanser and then with plain water.

3. Yeast mask

A yeast mask will make the skin of the breast soft as velvet, and most importantly elastic. We take 20 grams of yeast and mix with milk, apply to the skin, and after 15 minutes, remove the mask with a cotton swab .

4. White clay mask

White clay mixed with a small amount of alum will help get rid of pimples or rashes on the skin of the chest.

5. Radish for the skin of the chest

Grated radish in combination with oil (olive or almond) makes the skin of the breast supple and has a visible effect. This mask should be kept 15 minutes, and then rinse (do not apply the mask on the nipples).

6. Kefir-vegetable mask for the chest

Shredded vegetables (cabbage, cucumber) are mixed with egg and kefir and applied to the skin of the chest. This mask nourishes the skin very effectively. Keep it at least 15 minutes

7. Effective Onion Mask

Onion mask promotes elasticity of the skin of the chest. Mix the chopped onion (first squeeze the juice with gauze), honey and a glass of water, and then apply this mixture to the skin of the chest, excluding the nipples. And onion juice and water from the mask can be frozen and wiped the skin of the chest several times a week.

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