Oct 11, 2021
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How to insulate an apartment for the winter

How to insulate an apartment for the winter

Here are some tips for winterizing your apartment.

Colds are merciless to our home. And the problem of insulation arises for many every autumn. Here are some tips for winterizing your apartment.

Window insulation

It is necessary to start the insulation of the apartment with wet cleaning, because the heat leaves the apartment not only due to drafts.

Dirty window glass transmits infrared rays better than clean glass, which carry heat with them. And therefore, it is recommended to clean the window not only inside the apartment, but also on the outside. To do this, it is better to use products based on ammonia or ethyl alcohol, because they easily remove dirt and leave no streaks.

Also, in addition to glass, you need to wash the frames, because when they are dirty, seals and insulation are glued to them poorly, and fall off quickly.

Simple insulation options

If a window, balcony door, or vent does not close tightly enough, buy inexpensive self-adhesive rubber seals of different thicknesses from a hardware store. If the glue does not stick well in the cold, heat it with a hairdryer or hold it on a battery.

The joints between frames, sashes and along the outer perimeter of the frame are clogged with cotton wool, foam rubber or tow and sealed with masking tape.

Window insulation

Learn from nature: Wasps build nests from chewed cellulose. You can get a similar mass from white toilet paper soaked in water. The resulting gruel must be squeezed out and hammered into the cracks. Seal the top with masking tape.

Finally, you can simply cover all the cracks with plasticine or good old window putty. But in the spring you will have to tinker seriously to scrape them off.

There is a reliable “grandmother’s” method of warming – take ordinary paraffin, from which candles are made, melt it in a water bath at a temperature of 65-70 degrees. Then heat a disposable syringe and fill with paraffin, which must be injected into all the cracks.

You can check how well your windows are sealed with a candle. The deflection of the flame will indicate where the cracks are left, do not forget to seal them and proceed with the insulation of the front door. Of course, it is better that there are two of them, and between them there is a vestibule. But if it is not possible to install a second door, then at least insulate the gaps between the wall and the door frame using mounting foam for this.

In addition, each of us can improve the efficiency of conventional batteries. Their average temperature is plus 60 ‘C. But every degree must be directed into the room. By the way, the curtains covering the battery steal half of the heat from the apartment. To make the batteries run hotter, take a sheet of aluminum foil and glue it behind the battery.

This gorgeous heat-reflecting screen will direct heat into your apartment without wasting wall heating. It is also recommended to paint the radiators in a dark color – a smooth dark surface emits 5-10% more heat.

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