Oct 18, 2021
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How to instill in a child a love of reading?

How to instill in a child a love of reading?

The child should never be forced to read if he does not want to.

The sooner your kid falls in love with this activity, the brighter his life will be and the more chances he will become an erudite person.
It was during the Soviet era that our country was the most reading country in the world. Today it is not possible to meet a person with an ordinary paper book every day and not always. But in vain. After all, it has been proven by numerous studies that reading develops thinking, imagination, logic, oral and written speech. The reader is more likely to become the soul of any company.

Unfortunately, few modern parents understand this and strive to teach their children to read. They prefer that the kid learns to solve puzzles, to complete levels in computer games. Perhaps the reason is that parents themselves are not very fond of reading books. And they think that this activity is unlikely to attract their children.

But there is always an alternative – the works of domestic and foreign writers can be listened to in the format of audio books. And it will be no less useful for development.

To teach a kid to read, you should show him that the world of books is not boring, but very exciting – to follow the development of stories, the adventures of the main characters. A great start to this chapter in your family history might be listening to tapes of fairy tales together before bed. As a rule, they are recited by professional artists or reciters. But the option when mom and dad will read is also perfect.

From an early age, make it an adventure to visit the bookstore with your toddler. You can search for the brightest books, the largest, unusual in design, etc. At first the child will be interested in the search process, then in the study of the contents of the book, and then, most likely, he will love reading. Even if the child does not like any of the novelties in the bookstore, you can buy him an unusual souvenir. And do this every time you leave the store without a new book. Over time, this “rule” will consolidate pleasant associations in the mind of the kid and he himself will ask you to come here more often in search of something interesting.

Don’t force your child to read what they don’t want to read. This advice is especially relevant for summer vacations, when schoolchildren are given an impressive list of literature of little interest to them, which must be read. Doesn’t want to read Chekhov and Prishvin? Do not! Invite him to choose another book himself. The main thing is that he really chooses the work himself. No one has yet managed to love reading under the strict gaze of their parents!

Enroll your child in the library. Modern children’s libraries are not just book depositories, but whole palaces of creativity. There you can surf the Internet, play chess with your peers, read modern children’s magazines while lying on bright sofas. It is pleasant to be in modern interiors just to be, let alone to choose one of the many books, the most exciting one – all the more so.

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