Jun 8, 2022
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How to instantly become happier

How to instantly become happier

Do you want to know how to become happier right now? Use practical recommendations from psychologists. Then this article is for you.

How to be happier here and now?

After all, at every moment of our life we ​​are in some kind of state. And not always this state of happiness and joy. But, as numerous authoritative sources say, our life is the result of the thoughts that live in our head. The latter also govern our state.

And if we suddenly woke up one day in a great mood, then we should not rush to “download” the latest news, a letter from our boss, or start thinking about financial difficulties. This will quickly “wash away” without a trace all the joy and peace, putting us on alert, when we are ready to rush to catch the next ball flying into our goal … It is worth waiting at least a few moments, feeling that we actually have a choice, in what state to be in and what thoughts to keep in your head.

So, how to instantly become happier? How to do it here and now?

1. “Glowing memory”

Each of us had moments when we literally glowed with joy and happiness. In general, it is useful to make a list of all such events and return to it from time to time. And do it as often as possible, turning the process of referring to this list into a real mental skill. Recall, for example, when:

  • you received an unexpected pleasant gift;
  • you were in love;
  • you were complimented by a complete stranger;
  • you have overcome your fear;
  • your son or daughter was born;
  • for some reason you enjoyed what was happening for no particular reason;
  • you have completed a big task, study or project;
  • you were lucky in anything – the lottery, work, relationships;
  • you finally got what you wanted.

Of course, everyone has their own set of situations when we shone and were literally on the wave of joy, happiness and good luck. Thinking about something, we not only give it our energy, but also attract it into our lives. Why not attract even more luminous moments then?

2. Favorite tune

Here the matter is rather not in a certain musical composition, which can also easily change our state, but in the motive that remains in our head. This is something that we can hum, tap, or just “mumble” quite enough.

As soon as we mentally sing a line of our favorite song or play this melody, our state will begin to change. Sometimes a few words or notes are enough to start switching and come back to life. Everyone has their own melody that will help to do this.

3. The image of a significant person

We all have people who have a special meaning in our lives. It can be both relatives, acquaintances, and our idols, whom we admire. The image of such a significant person is filled with something special for us, and will serve as an excellent resource in many different situations.

Think about who is especially important to you or whom you admire. Imagine that right here and now, by some lucky chance, this person appears next to you. He came to support you. It doesn’t matter if that person’s time doesn’t match yours, and they’ve already passed away or didn’t even exist in this reality. Just pay attention to how he looks at you, to the light and warmth that may come from him. Feel all this, feel how this person touches you and how wordlessly conveys some message or his life motto to you …

4. Filled with Love

We are talking about the same Love with a capital letter, which is the fundamental principle of everything, and from which everything appears, is created and to which everything reaches and aspires.

It is all-encompassing, soft, kind, enveloping, at the same time it is incredibly pure, light and composed of light and radiant energy. It penetrates into every particle of space, while it exists outside of time …

All the previous points described above are, to one degree or another, related to turning on the source of Love that exists within each of us.

We shine, sing or get inspired by an important person, because all this fills us with Love with a capital letter …

The good news is that this filling process can be carried out on your own, without waiting for the next gift of fate, without getting tangled headphones out of your pocket to listen to your favorite song and not hoping to meet your idol in reality.

However, remembering the state of glow will not be superfluous at all. Perhaps it was recently, or perhaps in childhood… Pick a moment when you shone especially brightly. Not so important are the details of where and when it happened, what time of the year it was outside the window, and what you were wearing … What is important is the feeling of joy, lightness, peace that arose in the body …

And now let your favorite melody or song play … As if someone turned on the speakers that were nearby all this time, but suddenly sounded. Please note that the pleasant sensations of joy and happiness in the body only began to intensify after this, and the glow became brighter.

A moment later, you see a door appear in front of you. It is closed, but will soon begin to slowly open. On the other side is a person who has a special and very important meaning in your life. See how his image appears before you. The man looks at you and smiles. In his eyes, chest and throughout the body you notice a slight glow. Imagine how this light expands beyond his body and reaches you. You are filled with this light, feeling how it fills your entire body. This is Love. The person looks at you warmly and moves to the beat of your favorite tune or song that continues to play from the speakers.

The feeling of Love inside you intensifies and becomes more and more bright and dense… Coming out of the center of the chest, it fills your entire body, then beyond it and, as it were, wraps you up like a blanket.

You are now ready to share this light with all that surrounds you. What color is this glow? Golden? White? Silver? Blue? Green? Or maybe red or orange? Illuminate with the light of Love everything and everyone who is near you: people, animals, room, house, car, food, this site, everything that you see and that you can mentally reach with your light …

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