Jan 10, 2021
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How to increase the speed of an electric motor 10 times

How to increase the speed of an electric motor 10 times

This simple modification of the electric motor will increase its power, speed and lower the supply voltage. The efficiency will remain unchanged, the law of conservation of energy has not yet been canceled. Perhaps you already had a similar need to lower the motor supply voltage for certain needs. For example, a high-speed motor was needed for a jet engine layout. You can increase the speed by simply rewinding the anchor.

DIY electric motor alteration

Before rewinding, measure the idle current. It was approximately 0.5 A when powered from 3.7 V.

No-load current of the electric motor

On the sides of the case, bend the metal clips, take out the collector brushes.

take out the collector brushes

Remove all 3 old rotor windings with pliers.

Remove the rotor windings with pliers

Next, we take a 0.4 mm wire. Visually, it can be compared with the one that was previously wound.

Copper wire

It can be seen that it is several times thicker. We clean, tinker, solder it to one collector contact.

We solder the wire to the motor manifold

We wind all the windings in one direction. On each side, 20 turns fit. Having finished one winding, we solder it to the second collector contact.

We make the rotor winding

Next, we wind the thief, solder the tap to the third contact. We wind the third winding and solder its end to the first contact, where the first wire is already soldered.

Making the second rotor winding

With increasing power, sparking will also increase. To keep it to a minimum, apply a regular grease. She will not interfere with contact.

apply the usual thick grease

Let’s assemble the motor and check it.

We will assemble the motor and check

At the same voltage of 3.7 V, the current consumption increased to 2.8 A.

No-load current consumption

The turnover by ear has increased several times. To personally assess the rotation speed by the sound of the operation, watch the video below.

Watch the video

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