Oct 15, 2021
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How to increase libido in women and men?

How to increase libido in women and men?

In our publication, we present important recommendations for men and women to help increase libido.

Making love is an important part of every person’s life. Sex is a pleasure, a feeling of well-being, and a stronger marriage. But everyday life is so oversaturated with problems, worries, stresses that any desire will disappear.

Therefore, the issue of increasing libido is very relevant, because it is so important to enjoy intimate relationships.

In our post, we will present important recommendations for men and women to help increase libido levels.

Recommendations for men

Low libido in men, we used to call impotence, in fact, it is not.

In order for men’s sexual desires to return to normal, you need:

  • Walk barefoot (of course, not in the house on the carpet, but, for example, on pebbles), if possible, perform relaxing movements with a special foot massager. After all, it is on the foot of the leg that a huge number of points are located, pressure on which contributes to an increase in libido;
  • If you want to never suffer from a low level of libido, then your faithful friends when eating should be: ginger, ginseng root, parsley and celery;
  • Diversify your sex life. We are not talking about relationships and connections on the side, with several girls. Interesting experiments can be done with one partner. And the monotony and routine in sex can really lead to disastrous consequences.

Advice for women

  • Love yourself and your body as it is. Most often, it is the excessive notoriousness that leads to the fact that the female libido decreases. It’s simple, accept yourself as real or bring your body into the desired shape;
  • Learn to feel pleasure again. Start small: admire flowers, paintings, enjoy reading books, nature. You will see, over time, intimate life will again give you pleasure;
  • Add romance and innovation to your relationship. Do not be afraid to experiment, on the contrary, men really like it;
  • Start meditating or do yoga. These are great ways to deal with stress that will help you increase your libido;
  • Examine yourself and decide what, really, you get heavenly pleasure. Watch erotica, read the “Kamasutra” or, finally, engage in masturbation. It will help you understand your body and draw the right conclusions.
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