Nov 23, 2021
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How to hide flaws in a wig

How to hide flaws in a wig

How to hide flaws in a wig

The fashion for wigs is back. To keep the wig from looking like a cheap hair fake, give it a more realistic look.
There are people who have to wear a wig for medical or other reasons and therefore want it to look like real hair.

On the other hand, wearing wigs is a way to try different hairstyles without changing anything directly and surprise your friends with a new image.

But it often happens that the purchased wig looks cheap because of its artificiality. In this case, simple tips will help. But first, be sure to read the product instructions, because not all wigs are designed for the processes described below.

Remove plastic shine. If your wig has an unnatural and too intense shine that betrays its artificial origin, wash it thoroughly and then comb it with a coarse comb. Try to dry over low heat. The shine will become less noticeable.

Give your curls a realistic look. To give your wig a natural look, you can use a curling iron or a hair straightener. Depending on the length of your wig, you can try braided hairstyles to improve the overall look.

Transform your faux headwear into a look. If the tips above don’t work, or if you still don’t feel comfortable, simple things like a fancy hat or other accessories, hair ties, or pretty hairpins can work wonders. These embellishments provide a lifelike look to any wig.

Today, the fashion for wigs is back. The main thing is to choose the right wig so that it does not shock others, but smoothly emphasizes your natural characteristics.

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