Oct 19, 2021
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How to help your lungs recover from coronavirus

How to help your lungs recover from coronavirus

Pulmonologist told how to restore breathing after coronavirus

One of the most common consequences of the postponed coronavirus is breathing problems. It becomes difficult for a person to inhale air and it is almost impossible to breathe deeply. Doctors say that the feeling of lack of oxygen is not so rare. And this can continue for several months.

Pulmonologist Alexander Karabinenko told how to solve this problem quickly and efficiently.

How to properly care for your lungs?

According to the doctor, if the body does not have enough air, then a special self-regulation mechanism is activated.

– A person instinctively tries to breathe deeper or more often so that he has enough oxygen for life. Everything will be fine as long as the body tissues are sufficiently saturated with oxygen. That is, while the brain is supplied with oxygen, – he specified.

However, in life, everything may not go according to what the doctors have written: there will still be a lack of air, and the brain will begin to suffer. A special device – a pulse oximeter – will help in this situation.

– It determines the oxygen saturation of the blood. If this indicator falls below 90 percent, then measures must be taken to improve breathing, the pulmonologist noted.

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He also stressed that in each specific case, the first thing a patient should seek advice from a doctor and not try to solve the problem on his own.

The fact is that some people have difficulty breathing in, others find it difficult to exhale due to bronchospasm that has appeared.

For each case, a special therapy is selected. For example, there are exercises that restore the work of the respiratory muscles. This is inflating balloons, blowing a pipe, blowing bubbles from soap suds, etc.

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